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Hello everyone. The name's Fu or Fu-chan. I got my nintendogs 2 days before Christmas and I love it.

Here are some info about my nintendogs.

Breeds: Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Shiba Inu
Names: Venus, Aeris, Pluto (all female)
Trainer Points: 25,000 so far.
Room: I got the Tatasami Room (I think that's what it's called)
Contest Results: Venus, my golden retriever, won 1st place for Agility Trial Beginner and Open class, Obedience Trial Beginner, and many wins for Disc Competition. Right now she's in Championship for Disc Competition.) Aeris, my siberian husky, won 3 1st consecutive wins for Disc Championship (her highest score for championship is 52 points :)), Won 1st for Obedience Trial for Beginner and Open with a perfect 10 score on both but my poor Aeris is so bad at Agility Trial. She can never get past Open class lol. Pluto, also won 2 1st consecutive wins for Disc Competition championship (her highest score is 54 points!! Can you believe that?), Won 1st as well for Obedience Trial for beginner and open class, also 1st for Agility Trial for beginner and open class. She's my champion :)

Now, I have a question. I know some people already got promise ring and gold bar but for some reason I can never find them. I take my puppies for a walk most of the time but for some reason I can never get the promise ring or gold bar. For those who already got them, can you tell me when did you get them? Do you have to your trainer points up to at least 30,000 or what? And, does anybody know if how many times can you find promise ring and gold bar? Are they only for one time? :)

Happy to be here by the way.
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Got the game today, yay. The puppies are sooo cute. I'm pretty good at figuring out what everything is and does, but I do have one question. Does the hotel cost money to have the puppies in? And when they're in it, I'm asuming they'll be feed and whatnot, right?

That's the only question I have so far, but if anyone would like to throw in a few tips, feel free to. :)
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Hello. I'm Sarah, new here. I'm 21 years old, mother to one adorable little girl. Anyways... my bf got me the Nintendo DS for Christmas along with a few games, Nintendogs not being one of them. Grrrr. Ever since I saw the ad for them I fell in love, they're so cute! So I'm finally getting it tomorrow. *cheers* I hope to get the one with the pug and husky, cuteness. I'm sure you'll see a few upcomming posts from me soon, as I tend to get confused on things every now and then. So yay, a new addicted member.
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Hello fellow members!

I've been a member here since pretty much the beginning. I played with my dogs non stop to get that firemans hat and/or Jack Russel book. Two weeks after, and hours of playing, i finally found it. After that point, I soon found myself losing interest in the game. I haven't touched the game in over a month, and all i did was wash and feed my dogs. I soon begin to realize there just was no point in keeping my dogs any longer. With the release of Animal Crossing, I have found a new addiction, and only hope that I wont go bored of it like I did with Nintendogs.

Today, I sold my Nintendogs back to Game Stop. My boyfriend did too. (They bought them for 15 bucks each, which we applied to Partners in Time).

So without further ado, I'm annoucing my resignation as a moderator from this communtiy. Losing interest in the game isn't the only reason for my resignation, but theres just simply isn't enough posting in the community that requires 4 mods.

And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
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I was just wondering if anyone knows what order houses and puppies are unlocked in Best Friends. I don't know if I'll get it or not (especially with the thing about the discolored screens?), but I was just curious.
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Poll #618178 Nintendogs

How often do you play Nintendogs

more than 3 hours a day
once a day, but less than 3 hours a day
Every other day
Twice a week
Once a week
Once every 2 weeks
Once a month
It's totally lost it's flavor
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a long time coming

OK. This community has been sorta neglected for a while and cobie and i discussed a few things about this community. We've come up with a few things.

We expect that there will be an increase in members come christmas, with the Best Friends edition, which is another reason we felt action needed to be taken. We wanted to implement the rules for the newbies :)

First, there are no rules set for this community. For a while the community was ONLY talking of nintendogs once it came out. Now the hype is starting to die down and some people may feel the need to spam the community, or leave posts with no comment ability. We feel this sort of activity is not welcome in the community. We feel that you should be free to discuss whatever you want (within topic of the community). We've come up with a few general rules for the community to live by. They aren't unreasonable, in fact they pretty much are a given, but some poeple are spoil sports :(.

Here are the rules (also on the profile):

Image hosted by No whining or drama. Act like a 10 year old, get the boot. No questions asked!
Image hosted by Please
do not post advertisements for other communities and/or events
unrelated to the Nintendo DS or to Nintendogs. This means no fake cuts
leading back your own community. Linking to your own journal is ok, as
long as it's not promoting another community. Any posts that the mods
feel is spam, will be deleted.

Image hosted by Long posts or big pics not placed behind an LJ cut will be deleted.
Image hosted by Any posts not related to Nintendogs will be deleted. If you are looking for a community for all Nintendo DS games, try </a></b></a>nintendo_ds.
Image hosted by Do not disable comments on your posts.
Image hosted by Before asking questions, please check the memories or previous posts. Repeat questions will be deleted.

Second, we are implementing a 3 strike rule you break three rules, your posting access gets removed, but you will be able to comment. If you break another rule beyond that, you are removed completely.

Third, If your post gets deleted, it most likely is breaking a rule. Please refer back to the rules and if you have any questions please feel free to contact a mod via email.

Fourth, other mods: please respond with your email, to be included in the userinfo. If you do not respond we will assume you are no longer interested in being a moderator and will be removed as one.

Finally, We hope that we will not have to utilize the 3 strike rule. We hope to have fun as dorky as that sounds...

Your mods,
cobie and insanelytragic

PS - Check out the new userinfo!