the homo formerly known as clit-tickling penis bib (tomata) wrote in nintendogs_,
the homo formerly known as clit-tickling penis bib

the scary barking ball.

hey everyone, i just got nintendogs today. about a month ago i got my ds and decided that i would probably never want nintendogs because games with menial tasks really aren't my thing. but then i fell in love with the videos on's kennel and, well, here i am. i now own the dachshund & friends version, and a tiny female shih tzu named dido (named after the character in the aeneid). she's great, and i am having a lot of fun playing with her and teaching her tricks, like "play dead", which is probably more of a "lay down", but i'm morbid.

anyway, on our walk past the park we found this ball that makes strange noises when you throw it. she's pretty frightened of it - does anyone know if the nintendogs eventually get over this fear? i mean, should i sell it if she isn't going to play with it and just bark at it from a distance, crying and putting her tail between her legs? i know from experience that my own dog has had issues with toys like this, and then he never wants to go near them. help a newbie out! :)

edit: she seems to have taken nicely to it after a couple of days of trying to get her to play with it. i guess the confidence she gets from longer walks helps with these issues?

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