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Hi, I got my Nintendogs last Friday. I chose the dachshund game thinking I wanted a beagle...but fell in love with a golden retriever...Ginger. She's cute and sweet. She has a red collar. (bows weren't her style)

I've been playing several times a day since I got it.
We haven't done so hot on obedience yet, but she's placed 2nd in the Masters level of the disc competition and 1st in the Beginner class of Agility. I'm very proud of her and not very worried if she can 'roll over'. Should I be?

I have some questions...will she get bigger or will she always stay a puppy?
What do the trainer points mean? What makes it go up?
And what different ratings are there for the trainer. Like, a few days ago it said "Adoration" now it says "Archie-level" What does that all mean and is there a list of the different levels?

Anyway, I hope these are typical questions that all beginning players ask.

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