Fugoukakusha (fugoukakusha) wrote in nintendogs_,

Hello everyone. The name's Fu or Fu-chan. I got my nintendogs 2 days before Christmas and I love it.

Here are some info about my nintendogs.

Breeds: Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Shiba Inu
Names: Venus, Aeris, Pluto (all female)
Trainer Points: 25,000 so far.
Room: I got the Tatasami Room (I think that's what it's called)
Contest Results: Venus, my golden retriever, won 1st place for Agility Trial Beginner and Open class, Obedience Trial Beginner, and many wins for Disc Competition. Right now she's in Championship for Disc Competition.) Aeris, my siberian husky, won 3 1st consecutive wins for Disc Championship (her highest score for championship is 52 points :)), Won 1st for Obedience Trial for Beginner and Open with a perfect 10 score on both but my poor Aeris is so bad at Agility Trial. She can never get past Open class lol. Pluto, also won 2 1st consecutive wins for Disc Competition championship (her highest score is 54 points!! Can you believe that?), Won 1st as well for Obedience Trial for beginner and open class, also 1st for Agility Trial for beginner and open class. She's my champion :)

Now, I have a question. I know some people already got promise ring and gold bar but for some reason I can never find them. I take my puppies for a walk most of the time but for some reason I can never get the promise ring or gold bar. For those who already got them, can you tell me when did you get them? Do you have to your trainer points up to at least 30,000 or what? And, does anybody know if how many times can you find promise ring and gold bar? Are they only for one time? :)

Happy to be here by the way.

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