Shannie (insanelytragic) wrote in nintendogs_,

Hello fellow members!

I've been a member here since pretty much the beginning. I played with my dogs non stop to get that firemans hat and/or Jack Russel book. Two weeks after, and hours of playing, i finally found it. After that point, I soon found myself losing interest in the game. I haven't touched the game in over a month, and all i did was wash and feed my dogs. I soon begin to realize there just was no point in keeping my dogs any longer. With the release of Animal Crossing, I have found a new addiction, and only hope that I wont go bored of it like I did with Nintendogs.

Today, I sold my Nintendogs back to Game Stop. My boyfriend did too. (They bought them for 15 bucks each, which we applied to Partners in Time).

So without further ado, I'm annoucing my resignation as a moderator from this communtiy. Losing interest in the game isn't the only reason for my resignation, but theres just simply isn't enough posting in the community that requires 4 mods.

And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
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