D.Gray-Man - fanservice
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Eleventh mixed batch: 122 icons

Eleventh mixed batch: 122 new icons...


[11] Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto (shounen anime) --> 01-11
[49] D.Gray-Man (shounen anime) --> 12-60
[13] Moyashimon (cute anime) --> 61-73
[19] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (shoujo anime) --> 74-92
[30] Close the Last Door OVA1 (boy's love anime) --> 93-122



122 icons: shounen, shoujo, boy's love and for fangirls

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Kazusa Takashima icons

I made icons with the work of Kazusa Takashima, she's my favo. Mangaka. All the icons are textless but that doesn't mean you may use them as bases. If you wan't to use one and write some text on it, please ask me I will give you permission. There are 45 icons so I will put them behind a cut.

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Togainu no Chi - chain
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Togainu no Chi: 100 bases

Title: Togainu no Chi (boy's love game)
Source: cards game
Warnings: spoilers, yaoi, boy's love, colars, chains, nude, fluids, blood, nc-17...
Item: 100, png, 100x100 px
Type: bases - part 03/03
Previous post: part 01/03 | part 02/03
Notes: It's bases! Feel free to customize them



Togainu no Chi : 100 bases (part 03/03) - Warning: Boy's Love - NC-17

Please, if you take/like them:
- comment
- No need to credit
Thanks ^^

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