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Special Kanjani 8 scans and translations
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This community has been brought to you by essie07 and mikan_purin_ame. We hope to provide community members with special scans and translations of our favourite boys, Kanjani 8.

Current projects:
- Dreamin' Blood manga COMPLETE!
- Kanjani 8 history compilation
- Kansai Juniors profiles (as many as we can find)
- other K8-related articles

Please, PLEASE, read the first community post carefully before applying for community membership. We moderators take our work seriously and will immediately cease to bring the community more goodies if we find that our rules have been broken.

Any work that we do and decide to post will be available to community members only.

Keep in mind that joining is not enough to gain membership.
1) Visit the community information page and click the "join" button.
2) Read the ENTIRE first post in the community and make sure you understand the rules.
3) Reply accordingly. If you apply incorrectly, I will tell you to go back and read them again and ask that you reply once more.

**If you fail to follow these instructions, I will decline your membership until you can do this properly**

Although we are providing translations and scanlations for the magazines and mangas, we'd still like to endorse that everyone buy an issue of the actual publication for themselves if they have the means and ways. Especially issues of magazines that feature K8 as the cover, or have special features on K8, please show your support, it is what keeps them going. Thanks!

Just in case you were curious, here's the list of "staff" members:
essie07 --> scanner, editor, poster, head honcho moderator
mikan_purin_ame --> co-mod, translator
noesunexito --> translator, scanner
renchan5 --> translator

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