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[summary] Happy Birthday, Ryo! - Honma Dekka 2013.10.16 summary!

Honma Dekka – 2013.10.16

This will be a really quick summary because I know I’ll spend way too much time writing and pretty much end up translating it which, right now, I definitely don’t have time to do.

All you need to know is that K8 doesn’t know what the specialists are looking for.  What the specialists are looking for is who is the biggest nuisance to the group.  There are three tests that the group must pass in order to find out the result.

1. Daruma-san game
I think most people know the premise of the game if they’ve watched dramas or anime (Korean people play this game, too, but it’s called “The Rose of Sharon has bloomed”).  In this version, everyone takes the biggest jump possible at the beginning, and then they make their way to the oni (demon) who catches anybody who moves after s/he turns around to face the players.  Those who get caught have to hold the oni’s hand until someone free chops between the joined hands at any point s/he wishes (so if a person didn’t like one of the people captured, s/he could chop after that person and set everyone else free).
Maru takes the biggest jump while Yoko takes a tiny one.  One-by-one, Kosugi catches Ohkura, Yasu, and Subaru.

What you need to know to enjoy this part is that when Ohkura gets caught, Yasu yells out, “You’ll go bald!”  Sanma-san says, “ It’s not transferrable” and Kosugi replies, “Even if you don’t check, it won’t get transferred!”  When Yasu gets caught, he yells out, “I’m gonna go bald!” and Kosugi ignores that comment to say that Yoko totally gives off the feeling that he doesn’t want to get caught.  At the end of the game when people are free, the oni gets to say “Stop” and take three jumps to see if he can catch the person closest to him which is Maru.  But they’re not going to play another round because it doesn’t matter who’s the oni or how fast anyone moves.

2. Musical Chairs
Probably because there are so many members, the show only prepares four chairs to quickly eliminate people.  It’s pretty straightforward what happens, but before they even start, Maru says, “People’s personalities come out in this game,” to which Sanma-san says, “Isn’t that why they’re doing this game to find out.”  Hina, Ryo, and Yasu are out and Yoko says that he wants to last until the end and Ohkura says that Yoko’s will to win is totally showing itself.

Maru is out in this round and it’s hilarious because he pretty much gave the seat away claiming that he thought he might get caught in between which makes Hina repeat what he said purely out of confusion for Maru’s thought process.  After this round, Yoko’s unsportsmanlike nature comes out since he’s such a show-off when he wins.  One of the staff members tries to exchange the chair for a round stool and trips on her way off the stage but the last round goes on and Yoko wins, but in a way that totally makes everyone like Matsuko say that they don’t like him.  Sanma-san tells them that it’s not necessarily good to win because they don’t know what the purpose of that game was.

3. "Who’s the nicest person in the group?"

Before they start, Ohkura asks if they’re allowed to write about a person who seems bad on the outside but is really a nice person to which Sanma-san yells, “That’s not a real nice person!”

Results: Subaru: 2, Yasu: 1, Ryo: 3, Yoko: 1

Ryo: Sanma-san says that Ryo looks bad on the outside and Ryo protests because Ohkura brought it up earlier without naming names.  Ohkura’s reason is that even though Ryo is known for a poisonous tongue, he’s really nice.

Ohkura’s example is that for kouhai who might be the same age, he’ll tell them that it’s okay to speak casually with each other, but Ryo who doesn’t know about that arrangement will yell at the kouhai like, “What the hell is with the casual speech!?”  Ryo comments that it’s not really a good story, but Yoko gets in on it saying that Ryo really is a good guy despite some of the really mean things he’ll say.

Yoko’s example is that when Ryo does go overboard, he’ll only talk to Yoko and say, “Maybe I said too much, huh” and will reflect on his bad behaviour and will also say, “Alright, I’m going to go and apologize!!”  Maru’s reason is that Ryo treated him out to ramen!


Hina says that Subaru is pretty much expressionless, shy and can be easily misunderstood, but he’s a good person because he really takes care of those around him.  Hina’s example is that if there’s something that the members have difficulty expressing to the staff, Subaru will take it upon himself to pass the word on to the staff members.  Sanma-san totally praises Subaru saying that he’s the coolest guy because he’s normally quiet.

Yasu said that recently he’s been drinking coffee and Subaru who noticed this, bought a coffee maker for Yasu (Yasu expands on this story on the 2013.11.01 episode of A-Studio).


Subaru says that above anything, Yoko’s probably the one that people misunderstand the most because Sanma-san adds that he’s the one who’s a cheapskate.  But to Subaru, he’s gone on vacations with Yoko often and it’s actually Yoko who plans and pays for their tickets; all Subaru has to do is come with him and this makes Yoko really embarrassed.

Yasu: Ryo says that when he thinks about it, Yasu really is the nicest person.

Ryo’s about to tell a story about when he was sick when Sanma-san stops them to point out that Yasu is way too happy to hear praise from Ryo and Hina points out that his eyes are welling up and Subaru says, “Are you crying!?”  Ryo’s story is that when he’s sick and nobody else says anything to him, Yasu will come over and ask, “Ryo, are you okay?” and is basically nice because he’s truly concerned about others.  Yasu’s eyes totally look watery.

4.Crazy multiplication
The test is really quick and obviously nobody finishes.

Final results: Before they announce it, the group still doesn't know what the quizzes are about but they think it might be to choose the leader to which Yoko says that Ohkura was reading a book backstage as preparation for that if it is to choose a leader.

When they’re finally told what all those quizzes were about, everyone freaks out and Sanma-san jokingly grabs Yoko’s hand and says, “Congratulations, it’s you.”

According to the specialists who are represented by Ueki-sensei, Yoko is the number one nuisance to the group.  BY A LANDSLIDE.  Yoko wants to know if it’s really a landslide, but Ueki-sensei reiterates that he won that title by a landslide.

And a really quick explanation for why will be in the following bullet list:

● Daruma-san was for the characteristics of someone who desires reward.  In this test, Ueki-sensei says that she found that Maru likes to stand out and it’s pretty obvious because he took a huge leap in the beginning and was posing in all sorts of weird ways.  For Maru, he’s a high risk, high reward person and is the kind of person who’ll attack head-on.
For Yoko, however, he’s got a strong gambling personality meaning that, as Subaru explains, Yoko will often say, “I’ll sell if I do this!”  Yoko’s also the type who wants to do better than others which means that he thinks being alone is better and Sawaguchi-sensei says that in one go, the specialists all agreed that Yoko was the biggest nuisance to the group.

Ueki-sensei also points out that in the game, Yoko really didn't want to get close to the oni and for him to restrain himself (as opposed to Maru who was posing like crazy) was actually to draw attention to his small movements.  Yoko bursts into laughter and Subaru yells out that he’s an embarrassing guy.

However, Ueki-sensei also points out that Hina is the kind of person who will only talk if he’s being filmed.  Matsuko says that he’s a lonely person.  Ueki-sensei’s conclusion is that Yoko and Maru feel like being unique or even like an outcast is better because they can shine within a group.   Yoko explains that he doesn’t feel that way, though.

● Musical chairs was to find out whose desire to pursue something was the strongest.  Again, Maru and Yoko are chosen for this because when they were circling the chairs, those two wouldn’t break eye contact with the chairs.

Subaru says that Yoko is super picky and he talks about an incident in which he asked the manager to go buy nattou for him (if you remember Janiben from a few months ago, Yoko was able to eat it if he added other stuff) but when the manager came back with the wrong type, Yoko flipped out and yelled, “Not this one!  The one that snaps (a pack of two that snaps apart)!”  He also yelled, “I can’t eat this one!”  For that reason, Ueki-sensei says that Yoko’s the type who follows rules.

She then asks Ohkura, who was the predicted leader before they realized the meaning behind all the quizzes, if he he likes working with others or by himself, but he admits that he doesn’t know which he prefers.

For Hina, he knows which he likes, so he probably acts accordingly and Sanma-san says that he’s a disgusting person for that.  Ikeda–sensei says that in a company, for example, Hina would be the mastermind pulling all the strings and Yoko gives the example that Hina’s the one who’ll push others to take opportunities like, “Maru, go!” and will smack Maru’s butt to force him.  Yoko also adds that Hina’s tsukkomis are like achievements.  Basically, Hina’s good at figuring out what’s the best time to do something or help others in the group sell.

● the “who’s the nicest person?” quiz was to find out who has the strongest need for approval.

Ryo was the one who had the most votes for that, but when Maru said that Ryo treated him for ramen for example, it was actually Maru being careful around Ryo.  Ryo is totally not happy and both Yasu and Sanma-san tell Maru that he’s laughing too much.  Ueki-sensei explains that people who act in ways that will make others like them are the kinds of people who others will say is a nice person.  However, more than being liked by others, he’s feared and Ryo immediately disagrees saying that because it’s TV, the members exaggerate.

He then points to Yoko for confirmation and Yoko asks, “Should I apologize?” very politely and Ryo yells, “I hate that kind of feeling!”  Sanma-san tells Ryo not to rely on the group’s nuisance.

Maru’s asked to try explain, but all he can do is make sounds, so Kosugi says, “You’re totally being careful!”

Ueki-sensei says that all three desires (reward, pursuit, and to be approved) is the highest in Yoko.  After learning this, he says, "I'm just full of needs."  Yoko says that he feels weird about the results and that he can’t figure out if he’s being praised or criticized to which Sanma-san says, “You’re being criticized.”

“Yoko loses things way too much, so please help him!”
This is going to be bullet-form and here’s the place where all their stories get reused, but I did learn a new one or so.

-Hina tells the story about how when they went shopping, Yoko didn’t have enough cash on him (this is before they had credit cards) so he went to the ATM to get money and returned to the store, he realized that he’d left the money in the ATM.

- Yasu says that Yoko always loses his phone or wallet, but the worst thing is that when he should seriously be looking for them, he’ll always sing while searching:

“I don’t have my phone or wallet, phone, phone, phone, wallet, wallet, wallet.”  Hina says that he’ll be doing that in the dressing room and because of that, they’ll be late for the next schedule.

- Ikeda-sensei says that basically, Yoko daydreams, so that’s why he loses things all the time.

- Subaru tells the story about how Yoko signed the credit card receipt with what he was going to text back to his friend.

- Hina asks how many times Yoko lost his driver’s license which Yoko says, “Uh…6 times.”  I think that’s a lie, though.  If you watch ExE, during the talk portion, Yoko talks about how he’s got a 7 in the corner of his license which indicates how many times he’s had to renew it and the members all tell him to lose it one more time so that he can get 8.

- Subaru tells the story about how Yoko bought lip balm and threw it away in the bag but realized later that he didn’t have lip balm, so he pretty much repeats that just because he doesn’t pay attention.

- Takeda-sensei says that Yoko’s brain is lacking and Yoko gets upset but the specialist explains that Yoko loses things because he’s got a lot on his mind.

- Yasu and Hina talk about how Yoko actually got one of those clasp coin purses with a long strap so that he wouldn’t lose it and he even attached his house keys (another thing he loses often) to the purse.

Ryo also reminds them that Yoko attached a little note to the purse+keys asking that if someone finds it to please call the number on the note which is actually Yoko’s younger brother’s cellphone number.  Yoko says that his brother told him, “Onii-chan, I don’t like this!”

- Sawaguchi-sensei says there are two patterns to why he loses things so often: either Yoko’s got a small brain OR he gets distracted which means that he’s likely to get swindled if he isn’t careful.

- Ueki-sensei says that his mind isn’t fired up but she means one of two things: either Yoko lives depending on his own abilities OR he relies on the abilities of others.

- Ogi-sensei asks if Yoko gets irritated and Yoko asks the others, “Do I get irritated?” to which Ohkura replies right away, “You do!”  The members all say that Yoko gets irritated by the smallest things.  Ohkura then tells a story about how once when they went to a French restaurant, he ended up sitting across Yoko who watched him eat the bread that those kinds of restaurants bring out before the dishes.

Ohkura knew that the bread would be all-you-can-eat, so he went for it, but by about his third piece, Yoko told him, “That’s your third piece, you know.”

Yoko gets in there and explains that he only said that because he thought that Ohkura wouldn’t have room for the actual meal, so Hina asks if Yoko meant that he was watching out for Ohkura, but Ohkura cuts in and says, “Nope.  It’s because you were looking at me and telling me that I was on my third piece.”

- Basically, Yoko gets angry over little things relating to food.  Yasu talks about how Yoko’s really particular about his drinks after concerts and it just so happens that Ohkura’s involved in this story, too.  Ohkura accidentally drank a fizzy juice that Yoko had chilled to drink after their concert, but because the drinks aren’t labelled in the cooler as so-and-so’s, Ohkura just drank whichever one.

When Yoko found out that Ohkura drank his juice, he got really upset because he’d been looking forward to drinking it, so Ohkura offered to buy him a new one, but Yoko yelled, “That’s not the problem!”

- Ogi-sensei says that the stress he feels from getting irritated so easily can build up and inhibit his bodily functions (which might be why he gets constipated, but that isn’t mentioned and it’s just my guess).

- Ohtawa-sensei suggests that they try to figure out how to help him and asks if he would prefer to receive directions to a new place in one of the following ways: A) get there according to a map or B) get there through verbal instructions.  Yoko picks B and Ohtawa-sensei says that his choice also has to do with the fact that he can’t multitask.  For people who would rather go by A, they can process visual information, movement, and all kinds of functions to perform a task but for Yoko who chose B, those kind of people have a tendency to process and analyze things one-by-one.  For that reason, she suggests that he needs to take notes or use a planner to which Yoko says that it’s impossible.

Hina, right away, yells that Yoko shouldn’t complain and Sanma-san makes fun that if he writes, “Tomorrow, TBS” and sticks it on himself, he might forget to take it off and go to TBS again the next day.

- Ikeda-sensei suggests that maybe he should say out loud what he plans to do like if he’s going to the bank, he should say that he’s going there.  Ohkura makes fun of him and says, “I’m putting my wallet here. I’m putting my phone here.”

- Lastly, Kadokura-sensei suggests that Yoko should try a magical keyholder to keep all of his necessities together.  The keyholder also comes with an app for the phone that lets the owner know when the owner has lost something, but the only limitation is that it’ll stop working after the 15th time.

Yoko exclaims, “I’m not going to max it out!”  Kadokura-sensei also mentions that if he loses the phone, the whole app gets used up, so Sanma-san makes a joke that if he loses the phone with the app, he can have a backup phone to look for the lost phone.

- Takeda-sensei adds that Yoko being the “dame otoko” of the group is fine because the basic principal of group composition is that there are a few really great people, the majority are average, and there are a few unhelpful people.  The reason for this principal is that an upward movement in improvement amongst people working together is a good thing, so Sanma-san says that they have to keep Yoko with them and that one more person can also become a sacrifice for the group.

Uh… those were really long notes!  But man, this episode was so funny and engaging that I couldn’t help but stop to do it.  This was a rush job to meet Ryo’s birthday.  I know it was a Yoko-centric episode, but I just don’t have time to do summaries and scanlations so close together anymore.


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