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[DVD summary] JUKEBOX Limited A: New units for the tour


These are going to be notes just to help you get through the DVD extra.  I haven’t had time to do anything other than this, but I feel like it’s more important than doing summaries of shows.

Opening – August 2013

  • they were supposed to have a meeting

As the members come in, Subaru tells them all to sit down and put the pin mics on by themselves.

Yoko’s arrival:

"Men don't wear things like makeup!"

  • he says, “You’re sure are skinny” to Subaru and says that they do too much of this surprise stuff because everyone’s coming barefaced but Subaru says that men don’t wear makeup

  • Yoko’s hungry and asks if he can go eat something to which Subaru tells him no.

84’s arrival:

  • Ryo turns around and shuts the door but Yasu comes in freshly and they get told to sit down

  • Ryo says that he thought something like this would happen, Yoko says that even he didn’t know, Ryo complains that this is the worst

  • Subaru yells at Yasu, “What the heck kind of idiotic outfit are you wearing?” to which Yasu argues that it’s summer and doesn’t want Subaru to say that to him

  • Yoko and the 84s start making fun of Subaru saying that he’s skinny, Ryo says that he’s got no body hair, and they point out his belly piercing

  • Yoko says that when he did the dokkiri last time, he welcomed them uncomfortably just like how Subaru’s doing now (like "Get in.  Sit down.  Hurry up and sit down.")

Broccoli and Cheese’s arrival:

  • Maru asks if he can go home for a bit and while Ohkura’s complaining, Subaru tells Maru that he can go home

  • Yoko makes a comment that the first half is disappointing

"First, his thinness."                                                                                                Subaru enjoys dessert.

  • M+O make fun of Subaru’s body and Ohkura asks if he’s been swimming to which Subaru says that he hasn’t.  In fact, he hasn’t done anything

  • Yoko says that Subaru hasn’t eaten rice lately and he’s started getting into wine, like “Wine is delicious~”

  • Yoko adds that the part that hasn’t changed is that he eats a lot of dessert to which Maru says that it’s adorable

Hina’s arrival:

  • He doesn’t want to come in but everyone tells him to get a clue and Subaru yells at him to put his mic on

Subaru leading the “meeting”:

  • he wants to know if there’s something that they’re missing now that they’re in their 9th year

  • one-by-one, he gets them to say what they think is missing

o he starts with “the white one” to which Yoko protests the nickname but says that he doesn’t think they lack anything because they work well together and he thinks that’s enough
o next is the “dark one” who protests because he got tanned but his natural colour isn’t dark.  Ryo says they lack Arashi-ness
o Yasu says that everyone hasn’t gone out to eat with each other in a while
o Maru says that original “let’s do this!” feeling from when they first started is missing and he gets cut off.
o Ohkura says that their rock and wild natured-ness is lacking and they all laugh because Subaru’s face gives it away that Ohkura’s on the right track

  • Subaru’s pissed off that there’s something lacking about them so Hina tells him that he should explain what he means

Whiteboard + magnets

This cap happens a bit later, but it shows the theme and how they're going to run part of the concert this year.

  • new album in October, unit songs, theme: MAN

  • Subaru says that they’ve been lacking manliness and then he mumbles nonsense

  • units are broken into 2: three people and four people

  • Maru asks if it has anything to do with higher/lower (ranking in all sorts of ways like age) and Subaru says they don’t have that

  • the theme of their songs are going to be “man” even though at that point they don’t know who’ll be in the units

  • fans will vote for which unit best exhibits the song theme (not which song is better)

  • after the results come out, there’s a batsu game for the unit that loses: a chivalrous date

Determining tentative leaders through wasabi-loaded sushi:

  • they all complain about the way they’re going to choose this (especially Yoko who Subaru points out) and the ones who DON'T have wasabi are the leaders: Yoko and Ryo

Love-love feeling couple machine:

  • the goal is to try and get members matched up with the interim leaders and if there’s a mutual match, one of the four who got wasabi is matched with one of the interim leaders

  • first question: "The person I’d like to take with me to the future" --> everyone chooses Ryo

o Yoko says that he knew that would happen
o Ryo picks Hina, so Hina joins Ryo’s team and is so happy
o second question: "I’d marry this guy!" --> everyone chooses Ryo
o next mutual match: Ohkura who is totally happy

o Subaru points out that for both questions so far, Yoko has chosen Yasu and they all make fun that it’s one-sided

  • third question: "This guy is erotic~" --> Maru-Ryo mutual couple

o on this round, Yasu chose Yoko, but Yoko chose Maru

o Yasu tells Yoko to think of him as erotic

  • wasabi sushi to determine which interim leader gets to choose his team first --> Ryo won

  • the remaining four have to try and convince the leader that they’re a good pick

o Yasu says that he’ll do things like bring water to which Yoko remarks that he’ll assume the role of a gofer but Yasu explains that he’ll take care of the leader.  He’s fast at learning choreo and he’ll help with lyrics which makes him well-rounded
o Maru says that of course he’ll do anything, but he feels like he’ll be able to bring out manliness better than anyone else; in fact, he’ll show them what the true man within a man looks like and pulls some face to which Ohkura says, “Got it.”

Maru owes me like two minutes of my life back.
Maru does some more stupid stuff that totally doesn’t impress anyone and Hina says that they’ve got stuff to do after that so he needs to hurry up and stop.  Subaru finally gets him to stop and Ryo is nice enough to say that Maru’s heart is strong.

o Ohkura says that he’ll go surfing after saying that he wouldn’t for so long.  Ryo asks him if he’s offering for real and Ohkura insists that he’ll go if Ryo chooses him (Ryo says they’ll go in their private time).
o Super formal, Hina gets up and introduces himself and says that he doesn’t have the same appeal as the other three, but he’ll work harder than anyone and asks to be chosen.  Ryo says that he was totally straightforward.

  • choosing time: Ryo’s supposed to pick and Subaru gives the four one last chance to add anything and right away they all yell at Maru and tell him not to add anymore, but he gets a chance anyway and Ryo laughs like crazy.

  • Ryo’s team: Maru to which Yoko immediately remarks, “For real?”  Ryo doesn’t seem happy by that and says, “What do you mean by ‘for real?’”  Anyway, Ryo chooses Maru because he thinks Maru will be fun and even though he was having a tough time choosing between Maru and Ohkura (because of the surfing offer), he ended up choosing Maru.

  • Hina wants to ask Ryo a question --> What about 1 (Yasu) and 4 (Hina)?  Ryo says that he was stuck between 1, 2, and 3 but 4 didn’t factor in because he didn’t appeal enough.

Appealing to Yoko:

  • Yasu --> introduces his name and age even though Yoko says that he knows that already, would like to exhibit his manly scent that he hadn’t shown before, Subaru gets Yasu to show his muscles and he’s proud of his back.

  • Ohkura --> says he’ll do anything but Yoko thinks that Ohkura wouldn’t be as accommodating as Maru who said that earlier.  Ohkura says that if he was chosen, his feeling of doing embarrassing stuff like PanPanda would disappear.

  • Hina --> again he introduces himself, Yoko says that his manliness is totally showing; they’ve known each other the longest and they formed a unit once in the past; Subaru keeps interrupting with “obrigado” (because YokoHina unit’s song was called “Hanikami Obrigado”); if they were to collaborate again it would probably be great; Yoko asks if they were to pair up what Hina would do to which he answers that he’d dance with Yoko’s bongos.

  • Yoko’s choice: Yasu who is so happy to be chosen and goes to hug Yoko

  • Yoko says that it’s probably because he likes Yasu and he kind of decided once Yasu showed his muscles and in fact, he knew he wanted Yasu right from the beginning which pisses off Ohkura and Hina who are complaining (Ohkura says he’ll lose weight because of the stress and Hina’s got bare feet up on the table)

What about the remaining people?

  • they form the last unit!

  • of course, Ohkura and Hina hate the idea because it’s convenient to put the leftovers together

  • HOWEVER, it's decided that the remaining two appeal and if there's a mutual match (remaining person wants to enter a group and that same group wants him) then it's settled and the last person enters the opposite group

  • they have a last chance to appeal at which Hina jumps up and says that he’ll absolutely do anything and Yoko points out that Ohkura made fun of PanPanda

  • Yoko wants to see them make weird faces and Hina totally does it

  • Yoko gets Hina to propose to the camera because he’s already got variety show talent (which Ohkura has yet to cultivate) and he does a super serious proposal which Yoko says he feels is totally “man”

  • Yoko wants Ohkura to make a funny face but Hina jumps right in on that, too!

  • final choice: Ohkura joins Yoko’s group but Yoko says that he was totally on the fence about those two.

  • Hina joins Ryo’s team by default but he totally jumps in, ready to work.

What about Subaru?

  • again, sushi is supposed to determine where he goes, but the rest of the group decides that Subaru should appeal just like everyone else

  • Subaru asks, “Who wants me?”

  • Ryo is so dead serious and says, “I DO!” to which Subaru totally freaks out because Ryo is way too serious.

  • sushi is the way to choose and BOTH of them say that they’re okay, but it turns out that Ryo is totally lying so Subaru goes with Yoko’s group

Next day: first meetings for new units

  • Ryo, like the total geek that he is, looked up “manliness” online

  • Maru brings up “West Side Story” as something that gives him the image of the theme because of how the characters are divided on stage

  • Subaru says they can’t lose because he doesn’t want to do the batsu game

  • Yoko brings up hero stuff again because of protecting others

  • somehow from hero stuff, Yoko goes on to talk about ethnic dress and they all get in on it with ethnic dance

  • Subaru reminds them that their tour is going to be right in the middle of winter so Yoko’s idea of dancing in ethnic dress is going to be hard, but Yoko says that it’s still not winter so complaining about the season isn’t manly and they all laugh

They'll be collecting votes throughout the tour!

I'm so sad that I won't be in Japan this year for their concert!  Although, I guess it won't be so bad because I'm going to try my hardest for 2014 and see them on their 10th anniversary.  I don't think there's anything I need to explain further, so hope you enjoyed this ultra quick summary.  I totally feel like Subaru set himself up when he asked, "Who wants me?" because he should know better that Ryo would look super creepy and jump at the chance to get Subaru on his team.

Do drop by and let me know how the concert went if you get a chance to go!
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