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the big bad lyric man.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
the big bad lyric man.

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ello [19 Jan 2008|11:39am]

well i just realized that me and my friend have completely neglected this community.

does anyone wanna take it over to make it all pretty and what not again?

let me knooooooow.
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[19 Dec 2006|07:47pm]



songs about leaving for vacation, someplace warm
leaving all your cares behind.

thanks sooo much

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question actually... [07 Nov 2006|04:42am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm actually looking for some advice on song lyrics/songs in general... I'm making a scrapbook page for a friend of mine's 21st birthday and I'm looking for some good song lyrics to put in it. We've been friends for the past 20 years... if anyone could help at all, I would really apprecaite it. Thank you so much in advance! ♥KaT

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[19 Oct 2006|08:58pm]

I've always been a sucker for a brown eyed, punk rock girl,
and for her I'd shoot the world.
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[30 Sep 2006|04:02pm]

please don't allow your voice to fade.
don't fall so weak to fault or blame.
to give yourself reason for an end.
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[08 Sep 2006|03:59pm]

You don't know what I'm all about,
like killing cops & reading Kerouac.

Got a friend, her name is Boxcar,
cigarettes & beer in El Sob.
Her hair was blue, now it's green
- I like her mind, she hates the scene.
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[06 Sep 2006|05:35pm]

Slept in my makeup,
Didn't get my teeth brushed.
I crashed on the couch,
And now my mouth tastes like yesterday's news.
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[26 Jul 2006|02:47pm]

Does anyone know the song that's catchy, but sounds like some Rob Zombie song or something, that goes "I don't want to live forever"?  I heard it recently and can't remember who it's by, and it's driving me crazy.
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[21 Jul 2006|04:56pm]

"All I have to do is look at your face, and I'm okay."

I could be a little off on this..it's been stuck in my head all day, and I know I know the song, but I just can't think of it.
Any ideas anyone?
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[03 Jul 2006|10:49pm]

When you hurt with all that pain,

the stars will kiss your pretty face.
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[24 Jun 2006|12:19pm]

I am not perfect and I don't claim to be
And if that's what you wanted
Well then I'm so sorry
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[13 Jun 2006|03:07pm]

You begin, all your words fall to the floor and break like china cups
and the waitress grabs a broom and tries to sweep them up

I reach for my tea
s l o w l y
drink in.
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[11 Jun 2006|06:40pm]

they both wondered if they should move on
or if it's all mind over matter
because she can always read his mind
he knows love is made of more than just four letters

we could look like dust amongst the stars
you're my star
take my spaceship through the skies
get so close to your distant eyes
swallow my pride to the other side
she's my candy girl
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[05 Jun 2006|01:35pm]


I want specifics on the general idea
I wanna think what I should know
Want you to do me what to show
I wanna see movies of my dreams

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[28 May 2006|02:28pm]

there are angels in your angles.
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[11 May 2006|06:52pm]

I don't want
A picture in the paper
I just want
A minute of your time
At a point
Appreciate an answer
Any token
Would suit me fine
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[22 Apr 2006|02:20pm]

I wanted to believe in all the words that we were speaking as we moved together in the dark.
and all the friends that I was telling & all the playful misspellings
and every bite I gave you left a mark.

ao one last touch and then you'll go.
and we'll pretend that it meant something so much more.
but it was vile. and it was cheap.
and you are beautiful, but you don't mean a thing to me.
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[09 Apr 2006|12:46pm]

With my lightning bolts a-glowing
I can't see where I am going.
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[02 Apr 2006|09:04pm]

bring back those good old days, nothing feels right. nothing ever goes my way. i threw my future away, now i'll walk alone out here in the cold.
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so..guess? [31 Mar 2006|11:46pm]

ok so if any one knos who this songs by comment

"Till theres someone to cry about, someone to fight it out,
someone to say your the reason they breathe
till theres someone your crazy about
the one you cant live without"
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