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i hope you kids are still out there. because you know you guys are awesome.

anyway this is a bit late but according to this post at NAME TAKEN! might be getting back together.

it's just a rumor but i hope it's true. and i don't want to go through all the comments to discredit it.

♥ your lovely maintainer,
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i bought the atticus "dragging the lake 3" cd and it says that the song by name taken on there was "cover up" and it is actually "this was never" and it just bugged me so i thought id share.

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so appearently the last show is sold out now

i am a really big procrastinator so i went the day it sold out...

i reallly realllly need two, ( at least 1) ticker for this shindig..

someone pleasssse helllp mee!


wow this is unbelieveable and im in shock
that band is the best
i have a band and we cancelled our shows for next weekend because of name taken breaking up.
they influenced us a lot and we are mourning.
im all heartbroken and depressed. im seriously going to cry every time i listen to them now.which means,considering that they are tied with silverstein as my favorite band,i will be crying a lot.

name taken-rest in peace
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