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Name Taken

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getting back together [09 Mar 2007|12:05am]
so i just wanted to let you know, name taken is playing their first show since hiatus on may 5th, 2007 at chain reaction
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HI [10 Jan 2007|05:05pm]

Does anyone know if there are any EP's out there that can be bought? I came across Name Taken not that long before they split(which still kills me) so ive been unable to find out.
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[15 Apr 2006|07:21pm]

[ mood | anxious ]


i hope you kids are still out there. because you know you guys are awesome.

anyway this is a bit late but according to this post at NAME TAKEN! might be getting back together.

it's just a rumor but i hope it's true. and i don't want to go through all the comments to discredit it.

♥ your lovely maintainer,

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[09 Jul 2005|07:30pm]

Does anyone have any live photos of Name Taken that i could use?
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[28 Jun 2005|03:18am]

i bought the atticus "dragging the lake 3" cd and it says that the song by name taken on there was "cover up" and it is actually "this was never" and it just bugged me so i thought id share.
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guitar tabs [24 Jun 2005|07:48pm]

hey does anyone have any guitar tabs for name taken? ive only found 2 songs and thats it
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[20 Jun 2005|06:28pm]
last show was amazing
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[05 Jun 2005|10:08pm]

as everyone knows the name taken show this sat is sold there anyone looking for one ticket i have one that i will be able to sell
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[31 May 2005|08:51pm]

so appearently the last show is sold out now

i am a really big procrastinator so i went the day it sold out...

i reallly realllly need two, ( at least 1) ticker for this shindig..

someone pleasssse helllp mee!
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wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [22 May 2005|02:04pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

wow this is unbelieveable and im in shock
that band is the best
i have a band and we cancelled our shows for next weekend because of name taken breaking up.
they influenced us a lot and we are mourning.
im all heartbroken and depressed. im seriously going to cry every time i listen to them now.which means,considering that they are tied with silverstein as my favorite band,i will be crying a lot.

name taken-rest in peace

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how i feel about this. [18 May 2005|10:07pm]

so pretty much name taken breaking up is a HUGE shock to me. i mean ive listened to them for the past three years they were the band that got me into the scene, without them i would probably be listening to yellowcard and lincoln park and other mainstream music, and now its gone? fuck this is seriously depressing.
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NOOOOO!!!!NAME TAKEN IS BREAKING UP!!!!! [19 May 2005|12:13am]

[ mood | crappy ]

Wednesday, May 18, 2005
"Name Taken,Well well well… kind of a big announcement.… June 11th at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA will be Name Taken’s final show. We have thought long and hard over the past few months and decided it was the best thing for us to do. First, I want to say, “NO!” we are not all fighting and want to punch each other and can’t stand being in a band together anymore. Although I’m sure that would have been a good story (kind of like the “fight” with Maida April fools joke). We are all still good friends and most of us will even being going to school together and will be making fun of each other constantly… which brings me to the real reason/s… A few of us want to go back to school and as many know, it is impossible or close to, to do that and be a full time touring/struggling band at the same time. We also simply didn’t have it in our hearts to do this sort of thing anymore. As much as we love and live on music, we were just ready to do something new. And some guy in the band (no names) is a poker fanatic and lost all of our money in one game (ok, that’s not true)…. Ok, his name is Ryan and he is the poker master. The past few years have been pretty much amazing to say the least and we can’t thank enough our families, friends and all of the people that supported us, befriended us or let us stay over at their sweet (or sometimes not so sweet) estates. So yah, I guess that’s it…. Crazy… anyways…. Our last show will be at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA on June 11th w/ Maida (our best Fiddler Records radical dude guys), and William Tell who used to be in Something Corporate (NO! WE NEVER COVERED THAT KONSTATINE SONG! IT WASN’T US! [sorry we had to make sure we went out with everyone know thing]). Thanks so much to everyone and hopefully we’ll meet up again someday….. Name Taken – out p.s. All we want to say is thank you to those of you who truly supported and believed in us. We love you, and want to assure you that it is far from the end of the world. (I’ve already heard that from a few of you which worries us deeply) Please listen to something new, please replace us. We’re sorry to disappoint some of you, but at the same time, we just could not finish a record good enough for ourselves and you. We had a fantastic time being name taken. Thank you for everything. ………absolutely No hype, please. p.p.s..This last year has been wonderful. All I can do is thank the following people: Blake, Chad (LA, OC, and Texas), Juan.... It was a pleasure. Danni and Brett too. Hayes, CJ, Melendo, Big Chase, Lil Chase, you guys helped us sooooo much. Beau, Rori! Chad OH, Drew and Chris PA, Frank&Luis NJ, Tammy FL, Sam and Adam IA, Jolly NY, Alex MD, John MO, Chris KC, and all of your families, thanks for always giving us a home that was furnished a little better than the van. You saw what it meant to us. (that goes to The Martoniks, Brittney, and Charlie too.) Fiddler, Lance, Jim, and Evange, John, I know I don't have to say it, so I won't, because it might come out cheap. The Means, Atkinsons, Peredas, and Edwards.......!!!! (the Meisenbachs too) All the bands we played with, made fun of, and became great friends with, I won't forget it. Thank you all for putting up with us. I had fun. p.p.p.s. we will be playing two very special oldies at our last show for some of you turds that wouldn’t let them go!"

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[18 May 2005|09:22pm]

According to Name Taken's myspace and, Name Taken has broken up. This is sad.
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[13 May 2005|02:34am]

name taken was added to warped tour this summer anyone goin to warped? or the one in see them
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In case you aren't fans of Fall Out Boy and heavnt heard... [07 May 2005|02:32pm]

Well as some of you may know Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy has a company called Clandestine industries and they put out a DVD called Release the Bats and Juan is on it a fwe times doing some stupid stunts along with the resot of the clan crew...

Just to let ya guys know :)
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[26 Apr 2005|10:17pm]

okay so, stop posting about the community being dead and actually do something about it, like ross the4squarechamp. see rumors and made up shit is always fun. or whatever.

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[26 Apr 2005|12:39pm]
Name taken have pulled out of the European Atticus tour
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[17 Apr 2005|03:54pm]

i hear name taken is undergoing a sex scandal. with juan and 12 year old girls. IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THIS TELLL ME NOW!!!

also i hear name takens new cd sounds like trapt.
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[17 Apr 2005|12:50am]

this community is so dead.
thats sad.
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is this an april fools joke or what? [02 Apr 2005|03:03pm]

yesterday fiddler records posted this on there site:
SO if you haven't heard the news already then we might as well tell you about it before the rumors start flying. Last night during Maida's mixing session Name Taken stopped by the studio to hang out. The Maida guys were talking about existensialism and how it pertains to one's one-ness. Name Taken called them a bunch of "hippie-burnouts" and Maida of course retailiated and called them "a bunch of squares." One thing led to another and a fight broke out. Rob Monroe (Maida's singer, and yes, he's related to Marilyn) is in the hospital with a punctunred splene and Blake Means (Name Taken's shredder) is in the hospital with a concussion and 8 broken fingers (from hitting Rob). We at FIDDLER do not support this kind of violence and we are gravely disappointed by both bands. We'll post later today with both band member's health updates.

sad sad sad.
the fiddler monster

if you know anything about this REPLY!
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