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A community made for music rotation. In other words, a shit load of free MP3s. Updated AT LEAST once a week. If not that, more.

And so.. Welcome to MUSIC DETECTED! Here, we will be uploading any kind of music and every kind of music. Sticking to one genere would never be fun and get boring.
This means music from J-Pop and Anime Soundtracks to New Age music (such as Medwyn Goodall and Kitaro). From C-Pop to Gypsy and yugaslavian music. Music REQUESTS are always open and welcomed, just put it at the header that it is a request so we know. ♥

Rules and regular good nature/common sense:

1)Do NOT direct link or share any of the mp3s

2)Buy the music artists CDs and help support them!

3)Comment if you download anything! ♥

4)The music rotations are always left up, but go down after one week. If you would like any of the previous music that is up, simply request so!