Okay, I know everybody's probably already heard of them, but do any of you listen to the Arctic Monkeys? I think they're okay, but I doubt they'll reach the status of like, the Strokes or Interpol or something like that.
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I know you don't know me and I know this has nothing to do with music or anything ,but for the love of music can I get some support please. I'm about to do some big surgery-like things and I'm kinda scared. It would really help to know that I've got some more people on my side besides just me and mi madre. OMGPRAYPLEEEEEZ!
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David Lydiard here from Falling Nine. As some of you may know our debut EP Attempted Fate was released on January 16th. We're looking to spread the word and build a buzz.
Basically if you like good, alternative, melodic rock, come and give us a listen.
If you would like a FREE copy of our debut cd, please send an email entitled "Gimme a free copy" to band@fallingnine.com
Obviously leave your name and address, otherwise how are we gonna get it out to you?

All we ask in return is for you to spread the word of Falling Nine

Thanks alot

David, Jenny & Steve - Falling Nine


Hey, just a random Question, cuz I am curious:

What were your favorite new bands, or bands that you love anyway, of 2005?

In 2005, I remember really getting into Fall Out Boy (I still love 'em.) and I got new cds of Motion City Soundtrack, and cool peeps like dat. :D

Music, Music, Music, What else is there but music?

I would have to agree 150% that music = life.

I'm Kourtney, by the way. I love music. Mainly, I like rock music. But I also love music from Moulin Rouge, which isn't really rock music. (And some other music)

So... yeah... here's my intro.

If anyone needs me, I'll be here :) Unless I'm lost... which I will be when I get confused... and I'm confused a lot... so...

Anywho, Music Rocks!

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