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1. The Stills - Yesterday Never Tomorrows

"Nothing lasts forever
I hope this lasts forever, oh"

2. Modest Mouse - You're the Good Things

"You're the good things
Yeah that's you
You're the icing on the cake
On the table at my wake"

3. Ben Lee - Aftertaste

"Feels like it's over before it starts
The aftertaste is gonna break my heart"

4. Sufjan Stevens - To Be Alone With You

"I'd give my body to be back again
In the rest of room
To be alone with you"

5. Marc Broussard - Where You Are
6. Aimee Mann - It's Not

"The moment you try kiss it goodbye
So baby kiss me like a drug
Like a respirator
And let me fall into the dream of the astronaut"

7. Guster - Keep it Together

"We built a wall around ourselves
And pretty soon the spirit was a lot like
What it used to be back home"

8. Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous

"For me to be saved and for you to be brave
We don't have to walk down that aisle
'Cause if marriage ain't enough, yeah
Well at least we'll be loved"

9. Decemberists - We Both Go Down Together

"While your head is spinning
Hold tight
It's just beginning"

10. The Flaming Lips - Feeling Yourself Disintegrate

"Love in our life
Is just too viable to feel
For even a second without it"

11. Remy Zero - Perfect Memory

"So look back on those treasured days
We were young in a world that was so tired
Though it's not what we wanted before"

12. Hours for Stars - A Foreign Film Class
13. The Shins - Those to Come

"Pale and mild
A modern girl
Taken with thought still prone to care
Making tea in your underwear"

14. Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger

"I'm gonna start a revolution from my bed
'Cause you said the brains I have went to my head"

15. Sondre Lerche - Suffused With Love

"Why spend all your time
Making someone else's dream?"

PDLD stands for punch drunk love duo, in case you were wondering. This soundtrack was inspired by several of the stories at FF.NET including two of the best, Turn My Way by Problem Child1 and Great Black Skies by Glow. And Tanc Sade (Finn) is Australian. LIKE WTFH OMFG. For seriously. /dies of giggling
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