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dedicated to maroon_notebook, a loffly b/a shipper

1. Muse - Falling Away With You

"So I'll love whatever you become
And forget the reckless things we've done
I think our lives have just begun"

2. Sondre Lerche - Things You Call Fate

"Driving me insane and off the wall
And we were free to choose each other
But now it seems like something other"

3. Death Cab for Cutie - For What Reason

"This won't be the last you'll hear from me
It's just the start
I hope that he keeps you up for weeks
Like you did to me"

4. Travis - Writing to Reach You

"It's good to know that you are doing well
It's good to know that you all know I'm hurting
It's good to know I'm feeling not so well"

5. Damien Rice - Cannonball

"Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth
Still a little bit of you laced with my doubt
Still a little hard to say what's going on"

6. Howie Day - Numbness for Sound

"All that you notice
A moment in time
A photograph lost here
Since you were mine"

7. Travis - The Humpty Dumpty Love Song

"The sun burns upon my forehead
It burns baby burns baby burns
An eye on all my horses
You've slept with all my men
I'm never gonna get it together again
Still all I need is you"

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