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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, or any of the characters. Well, maybe one of them.
Title: A Long Time Coming
Author: mystripedskirt
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Buffy/Angel, Dawn/Xander
Spoilers: BtVS 7.22 ‘Chosen’
Summary: Years after slaying the First, Angel sees Buffy in LA. With an infant.


So you'd sing a lullaby to get me to sleep
So it's no surprise my eyes are never heavy
For i've not seen you in the flesh for so long
That i'm not sure we would know each other at all


It'd been five years since he'd last seen her in reality--he'd pinched himself twice already in the span of thirty seconds--and she was still beautiful. But then again, what did he expect? Buffy Summers would always be the most beautiful thing in the world to him. Hell, she was his world.

As Angel walked over to the small coffee shop in LA, he paused as he saw her lift a baby--yes it was a baby--girl in the air, smiling and laughing as she held it. He sucked in an unnecessary breath and collapsed against the bench beside him, recalling their conversation so long before.

"Angel. "I do ... sometimes think that far ahead."

"Sometimes is something."

"Be a long time coming. Years, if ever."

"I ain't getting any older."

It appeared she had thought that far ahead. And in this future, it was apparent he wasn’t in it. He'd waited for her, damn it. Not that he could've poured his heart into any other relationship, but he could've tried. Right.


Buffy, so pretty in the city's lights, still carrying the baby girl, came up and sat beside him.

"Oh, Angel."

She grabbed him and pulled him tight, as he suffocated (though not literally) under her embrace.

He turned away.

"I come to say hi and all you're going to do is brood? I mean honestly Angel, I know you're good at it, but-"

"The baby."

"Oh. She- Angel, this is Joyce."

He finally looked up.

"After your mother?"

She nodded.

"Looks like you."

"I know, isn't it uncanny?"

Angel turned away again.

"What is it now?"

As he turned back, his frown kept growing.

"Don't you know how much it pains me to see you? W- with her? If I look at her enough, it reminds me of the children we'll never have. But guess what? You can obviously have them. You don't have to flaunt the product of your relationships, Buffy. I get it. We can’t be together. You can leave now."

"I- I what?"

She grabbed his arm.

"Look at me."

He did, but not into her eyes. He could tell they were more grey than green at the moment though, as she was going to lash out.

"Joyce. Oh my God. Joyce. Joyce is Dawn's daughter. Dawn's taking a business trip with her husband, uh Xander, and I offered to watch Joyce, as I don't really have that much to do nowadays. Slaying-wise anyway."

There was more than a moment’s pause before Angel grinned sheepishly.

"I- I'm I'm sorry, Buffy. It's just--seeing you with her--wow. I'm feeling wonderful at the moment."

Buffy smiled back.

"So, you. Me. We're good?"

"We're good. Wait, are you leaving?"

"Nah, I just had to drop her off at my dad's if we're going to do anything. We are going to do something, aren't we? Because you so look single."

"I do not look- it's the black, isn't it?"

Buffy nodded.

"Come on, we've got a lot of catching up to do."

She looked back at him as she started walking, noticing he was still seated upon the bench.

"Uh Buf- Buffy, can I hold her?"

Angel got up and walked toward the two, holding the little girl in his arms. It sure felt like home.
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