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I'm thinking about starting this community back up again. I'm finding myself with some down time on weekends and such, so I think I'd like to try to make it work.

Please comment if you would be interested in participating.
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Only three people have submitted answers for this week's quiz. I forgot to post the reminder yesterday, so I'll give you until tomorrow by 6PM to email me your answers.
chickenfucker by peachlemonade

Quiz 3-2

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I also think I may need to look for a co-mod. My husband and I are searching for our first house so all my free time is going towards that. I would like someone who has a bit of free time each week to put towards updating the scoreboard, collecting screenshots, and figuring out themes. Or, I may just like someone to run a daily bonus game on Monday-Friday and fill in for me when I need some help. You would not be responsible for prizes or anything like that. Please email me if you are interested.
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Since Photobucket was being dumb for a couple days I'm extending this quiz until Sunday at 8PM. So if you haven't already submitted your answers, you have a little extra time. Good luck!