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I wanna go to a late night, double feature, picture show.

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It all started many years ago when princesskariboo, kat9y, wildeshinigami and myself (atchan) got together one friday evening to watch A Clockwork Orange. After that night we decided to form a Movie Club and meet every friday night.

Though the friday evening get togethers only lasted a few months, we still watch movies together quite often, whenever we get the chance. Our group has grown significantly from the starting four. We went from watching movies in our basements, to theatres; we are Rocky Horror movie goers and quite frequently go to midnight showings of the openings of our favorites.

Feel free to read anything posted in the community and give feedback. Mmmm... tasty feedback.

To those who are in and write a movie review:
1) Please post reviews under a cut
2) Put movie being reviewed, or discussion started, in the title line

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