New Layout Ideas?

I'm getting sick of this layout.. any ideas as to who I should put in the next one?

STEPHANIE, if you came back online I would be talking to you about this kthanxbye. LOVE YOU and come online pls. :)

Tutorial 1: Includes Layer Adjustments

Here is a tutorial for . I use Photoshop CS, but I'm pretty sure it can be used in PSP also. I don't use PSP, so don't take my word for it.

Note: This tutorial will not work for all pictures. Sometimes it has weird contrasting issues and the colors just look awkward. That's why you should play around with the number settings rather than taking these exact ones. The general concept should work for any picture though.

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Feel free to ask any questions if something doesn't make sense.
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New Partner in Crime!

Everyone welcome, Stephanie [paroxismo] as my new partner here. She's the fucking coolest, so everyone better be super duper nice and give her special attention. YAY I LOVE YOU STEPHANIE AND THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS CAUSE OMFG ITS ANOTHER THING WE CAN TAKE OVER THE E-WORLD WITH.

Icon Post #2 for themed100: My Chemical Romance

Subject: My Chemical Romance
Progress: 30/100
Additions: love, conflict, humor, secrets, mysterious, time, dreamy, forbidden, awkward, magic, soft, beauty, fear, ambiance, gentle, imaginary, black & white, seasons, calm, nobility, celebration, abandoned, moonlight, honor, harsh, sad, green, silent, faded, observer.


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