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The basics
Boyfriend/Girlfriend? If so please provide a picture♥Single..*Sad*

In your ears..
At least 10 favorite bands♥
Brand New
The Early November
Armor for Sleep
Taking Back Sunday
The Used
Saves The Day
Blue Oyster Cult
Favorite lyric. No more than 2♥If I could I would shrink myself, sink through your skin to your blood cells remove what ever makes you hurt, But I am to weak to be your cure. Brand New-Guernica
At least 4 favorite movies♥Fight Club, Troy, Se7en, Snatch
2 books you'd recommend♥Fight Club, Survivor

What do you think of...
MTV♥It's okay, when I want to booty dance.
The OC♥Never really watched it.
Law & Order♥ &hearts;!!! I love SVU!!
Napoleon Dynamite♥It wasn't <i>that</i> funny. The characters lacked depth.
The war in Iraq♥I hate the war. We shouldnt be over there, why cant we just let that country's business to them?
George Bush's presidency♥I don't like Bush, becasue I am an environmentalist.
The mods♥ I &hearts; You and your taste in music and Danielle looks like my friend hope!
Abortion. For or Against? Explain♥For, just because a woman has the right to choose.
Hardcore♥ I like hardcore...sometimes. I really like hardcore people. They're fun to be around.
StriaghtEdge♥I am straight edge. I hate to see people throw their lives away. But I'm not going to push it on other people.

Are you in a band?♥Yes, a 70's band.
If any, what musical instruments do you play?♥Guitar, Bass, Piano, Tambourine, Cow bell, and trumpet.
Have you written any lyrics? If so, we'd ♥ to read.I'd love to show you the lyrics I write, but I am very shy and if anyone ever said anything bad about my lyrics I would fall apart.
Do you own any pets? If so, post pictures, as well as their names.♥
I have a kitty!! <img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v710/GuitarSheela/misc/camera113.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">Her name is Pretty Pretty...Like the Early November song! She is the cutest thing ever.
Post at least 3 pictures of your face♥<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v710/GuitarSheela/Me/camera111.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v710/GuitarSheela/Me/camera179.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v710/GuitarSheela/Me/camera157.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com"></lj-cut>
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