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Before you read anything else: This is a protected community, meaning that any posts you make MUST be posted in the friends only status. This is done to prevent leeching and lurking, so please remember to friend your entries here.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Mixology__ is a community maintained by stopwatch_heart, intended for the purpose of recommending music and compiling mixes. Here you can share music (at your own discretion), request music, and discuss music with others. There aren't a whole lot of rules to abide by, but there are a few:

1. All entries must be friends only. If you post in this community, please make sure that your entries are friends only, so that only members are able to view them. As explained previously, this is to prevent leeching and lurking, so it's all for the better of the community if you follow this one. ;)

2. You may not advertise other communities here. If you want to post the links to other communities that you have cross-posted to, that is fine, but please do not spam Mixology with posts concerning other communities.

3. Be respectful. If someone posts a song by an artist that you don't necessarily like, don't be a bitch about it. This community was not made to harbor music snobs, so if that is the type of attitude that you're going to have, you might as well not even join. I will not tolerate bashing other people for the music that they choose to listen to.

4. Please be supportive. If someone asks for recommendations or otherwise, please try to be a good community member and help them out. If you do for others, they will do for you, so try your best to be helpful to others.

When posting, you do not have to follow any particular type of format. However, I have created one just in case you do want to use one and are not sure how to structure it:

Band/Artist Name:
Song or Album:

or if you want help compiling a mix:

Mix Title/Theme:
# of Song Needed:
Preferred Genres:

That's about it. So join and have fun. :)