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the epitome of girliness

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the livejournal community

info ♥
miss couture is a community for the ultimate girlie girl. discuss ANYTHING to do with beauty, fashion, boy problems, whatever! we're here to help. this is the place to come to to get advice/discuss/chat about anything to do with being a girl. everyone is welcome, as long as they're awesome. which everyone is, right?

rules ♥

♥ don't rate anyone. on their personality, looks, whatever. just don't.
♥ unkindness to any members will not be tolerated, you can always word your criticisms so they're not cruel.
♥ before posting anything, fill out the survey below and post it just so we can get to know you!
♥ BE FABULOUS! but you didn't need to be told that. you already are!

survey ♥

♥ name
♥ age
♥ country
♥ sex (just in case!)

♥ movie
♥ tv show
♥ item of clothing
♥ fashion brands
♥ color
♥ song

♥ fashion trend you can't stand
♥ my style is (in three words)
♥ my fashion icons are
♥ photos (optional)

please put this under an LJ cut! but if you don't, we won't kill you!
to do an LJ cut, take out the *'s of this code: <*lj-cut text="title of cut"*>text inside cut

promote ♥

please promote the community wherever you can! we want to reach 100 members!