here's my survey girlies!!!

♥ name Kristin
♥ age 19
♥ country USA
♥ sex (just in case!) Girly Girl (female)

♥ movie Legally Blonde, Notebook
♥ tv show Laguna Beach, newlyweds
♥ item of clothing polos and tank tops
♥ fashion brands bcbg, bebe, juicy couture, abercrombie and fitch, american eagle, hollister
♥ color Barbie PINK
♥ song Boyfriend by Ashlee Simpson

♥ fashion trend you can't stand Goth
♥ my style is (in three words) Girly, preppy, Glamourous
♥ my fashion icons are Barbie, Paris Hilton, Olsen twins
♥ photos (optional)
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Cute Crab Girl

I'm not sure if this post will be accepted, but it is worth a try!

I have just come across this really, really, really awesome website! it has everything i need to know about makeup, beauty, even pampers! It has some things that i found useful like how to ace exams and how to host a great party. It also has some stuff about astrology! it has just started, but it is getting better every week! and i would know... because i am the owner!

survey a la moi! -the french is seriously lagging, please forgive me all!-

survey ♥

♥ name: becks hunter
♥ age: 15 on the 6th October 2005 =)
♥ country: new zealand
♥ sex (just in case!): i am a small part of the 'female persuasion' haha! girl through and through. ♥

♥ movie: school of rock lols!
♥ tv show: laguna beach!!=love, life, obsession haha!
ALSO: - the o.c
- clone high
- veronica mars
- the day - BRING IT BACK!!
- full house
- bro'town - one of n.z own's best and brightest takes on well, living in...NZ!
- gilmore girls - i wanna get ME a Logan ♥♥!
- one tree hill
- the mountain

♥ item of clothing: my lee jeans and my peppermint green lady-coat
♥ fashion brands: for everyday casual sorta when 'je vais en ville' hehe (in town): elwood, lee, aztec rose. and for dressy/feeling special/girly? well that calls for something from the Petro Zillia range {golly gee whiz!in my dreams!}, also dior, marc jacobs {duh!}...and a whole heap of other designers as i have a FULLY-fleged obsession with fashion! ask anyone who knows me! haha!

♥ color: green & pink. i also ♥ charcoal grey.
♥ song: well, i have two very schitziphrenic(sp?) sides to me - rock chick & tres chic haha! so my 'tres chic' side says:- 'In the Waiting Line' by Zero Seven---'tis musical perfection at it's most 'chillout'-ed haha! and my 'rock chick' side says 'bat country' & 'the wicked end' by my fav band Avenged Sevenfold - guitar solos = ♥ haha!

♥ fashion trend you can't stand: TRUCKER CAPS! and CHINESE MESH SLIPPERS!!grrr!!cant you afford REAL shoes??!! *pants in exasperation!!*
♥ my style is (in three words): sometimes stylishly punky, but also casual chic!
♥ my fashion icons are: riley keough, ashley olsen, ashlee simpson(is what i dress like when im feeling 'punky' hehe!), nicole ritchie, mary-kate olsen, kate moss, daria werbowy (sp? god!i can never spell her name right!!)
♥ photos (optional):...don't have any uploaded or on this comp as i just got this comp and i love it (its a mac g5 ♥!!eep!) but all my photos are on the old PC. =(
love and kisses to all,

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