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SS501 - peace yo
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Bad memories and broken dreams
SuJu/SS501, Double YS
R-ish, slash, 1.063 words.
"Hey," Yehsung says, and Youngsaeng very nearly jumps.

SuJu/Shinee/Xing, Kim Kibum x 3
G, gen, 522 words.
A/N: I don't even know. Srsly.
Kibum wasn't quite sure just how he ended up with his own personal shadow, but here it was.

heart of mine
PG, slash, 100 words.
A/N: Written for the drabble challenge (#1: this heart) at suju_flashfic. Difficult to write something so short, omg.
but donghae smiles. donghae cries. donghae's everything under the sun.

SuJu/Epik High, Heechul/Kibum/Mithra
NC-17, slash, 1.922 words.
Mithra really has no idea how he ended up here, like this.