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[fic]Ja nai~! Chapter 1

Title:Ja Nai!
Characters: Heechul, Suju, various korean and japanese artists. ^__^
warnings: weirdness, shounen ai and well...errr...my own dark humor? XD
Summary: Heechul enrolled to Niji Private High, a co-ed dorm school, to get his brother Jaejin back. The thing is...the only slot available was on the girl's dorm. ^__^
Prologue: http://community.livejournal.com/miracle______/934517.html#cutid1

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[Fic] Ja nai!

Title: Janai~!
Rating: PG for now? ^^;;
Summary: Heechul enrolled himself in a co-ed dorm school to get his brother jaejin back...the thing is..he enrolled as a girl XD
A/N: Still in hiatus eversince my PC crashed T__T but since I got the opportunity to use someone else PC, I've decided to upload the prologue. ^__^

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