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Inoran - Monophonic

22 Super Junior Drabbles

Fandom: Super Junior / Others
Ratings: PG - R
Genres: Drama, angst, comedy, romance
Warnings: Language, suggestive situations.
Pairings: Kangin x Ryeowook | Donghae x Leeteuk | Shiwon x Hankyung | Donghae x Hankyung | Kangin x Leeteuk | Sungmin x Kyuhyun | Donghae x Kangin | Heechul x Yesung | J x Heechul | and other Crack Suju pairings.
Notes: Based on the 10Drabbles meme going around.

I was living happily in my own little world before I took the time to stop and look at you. Now I’m going the extra mile just to find reasons to be apart of yours. You never seem to mind if I’m only an inconvenience. At the end of the day, you still hug me anyways.

Twenty-two Drabbles.