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Beyond Blood and Water: Arc III ~ Chapter I

started while working on the second arc, written while procrastinating, and completed when i finally had a little time away from schoolwork. have fun^^

Title: Beyond Blood and Water – Arc III (final installment)
Author: volatileflame
Chapter(s): 1/?
Characters: HanKyung-centric, SuJu, Lee YeonHee, DBSK
Cameos: CSJH, The TraX, Lee JunKi, Miyazaki Aoi, Lee Ayumi, Battle
Pairings: various
Genre: AU, Family
Rating: G – PG (i dunno)
Disclaimers: seriously, do i really need to say it? i obviously don’t own them.
Summary: i . . . can’t come up with something witty -_-;

A/N: as always, dedicated to miracleshining

arc III ~ chapter I