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FICLET: The Fino Incident (or How Golf-Mike Jumped the HanHae)

Hello everyone! I'm back with just a short, uber silly ficlet I wrote while working on the layout for the next chapter of "AAO." I hope everyone enjoys and thank you!

"The Fino Incident (Or How Golf-Mike Jumped the HanHae)"
By: Miracle Shining

PAIRING: Golf-Mike X HanHae
GENRE: Crack!Humor, Silliness, Fluff, inferred incest/sexual situations
LEGAL JUNK: Don't own, otherwise there would be FAR more HanHae action.
SUMMARY: During the shooting of the Fino commercials, the HanHae get more than they bargained for!
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Written basically on a whim after watching the "Making of" portion of the commercials and how Golf and Mike interacted with the SuJu boyz. Pee chai is Thai for "Older brother" and is generally how Mike refers to Golf in conversations. Pee nong is Thai for "Younger brother."

The Fino Incident
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Golf&Mike/RPS/SuJu/Fahrenheit/Kat-tun, plus some guest appearances. Pairings include (but are not limited to) Golf/Yamapi, Danson/Kibum, Jin/Heechul and Mike/Ryo (no, I'm not kidding).
R-ish, gen/slash, 11.310 words.
A/N: Christmas present of sorts for bumfucked. ♥ Yes, this is mostly crack. Yes, the timeline is screwed up. Yes, I'm mixing facts and fiction. No, this doesn't make much sense. XD But damn, it was fun to write. Enjoy?

Getting up and ready in the morning is like a natural disaster every damn day, and apparently it's even worse in the main dorm than it is in Kibum's smaller one.