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Golf&Mike/RPS/SuJu/Fahrenheit/Kat-tun, plus some guest appearances. Pairings include (but are not limited to) Golf/Yamapi, Danson/Kibum, Jin/Heechul and Mike/Ryo (no, I'm not kidding).
R-ish, gen/slash, 11.310 words.
A/N: Christmas present of sorts for bumfucked. ♥ Yes, this is mostly crack. Yes, the timeline is screwed up. Yes, I'm mixing facts and fiction. No, this doesn't make much sense. XD But damn, it was fun to write. Enjoy?

Getting up and ready in the morning is like a natural disaster every damn day, and apparently it's even worse in the main dorm than it is in Kibum's smaller one.

Fa Ru Xue

Title: Fa Ru Xue

Chapter: 3/?

Rating: Soft R...possibly rise to NC-17

Pairing: Henry x Hankyung , Henry x Danson Tang

angsty, fluffy later on...I think

A/N: GUYS!! im so so sorry for the wait...i never intended to be so loaded down with work. School projects really did start piling on.. its my fault and im sorry. This chapter isnt long only like 879 words i know not very much at all, if any of you are mad or disappointed im extremely sorry...but there is a new character!!! so i hope that when you throw rocks you won't throw them as hard as you would normally.

If I did own them I would be one rich S.O.B. by now, but Im not so sadly I dont own them...but I have action figures.