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Title: A Matter of Kisses~
Author: Avirjin
Rating: PG because of cursing and someone getting drunk "flat-out wasted."
Pairing: KangTeuk, KanginxJinyoung [don't give me that look, I needed to use someone and who better than the guy born the same day as our Teuk?]
Fandom: Super Junior, Blackbeat, DBSK [not really]
Genre: Originally started as comedic fluff. Somehow angst snuck in there. School!AU!Verse. So... Multi-genre-ish~? :3
Word Count: 4808-ish. You have no clue how slow my computer is going. XD;
Summary: In which Park Jungsu is the playful 'bad' kid and Kim Youngwoon is the head of the School Disciplinary Committee.
A/N: This is lovelysilver19's late birthday present. ^^ Unpa is a very important person~, someone I look up tooooo~ ^^ I think that.. her stories influenced me too much. XD; A school committee... a Kangteuk.... They make me think of her presents to Mina umma~ lol. And the whole Kangin-being-gay-over-a-CD-player thing has been totally reconstructed. >D
The reason January 19 and Popcorn Day are mentioned... They're the same day as Unpa's birthday. XD; Alex Unpa~, I love you~<3

The first time Park Jungsu of Year 12, Class 12-1, sneaks a kiss from him, Kim Youngwoon of Year 11, Class 11-3 doesn't even blink. It happens so quickly, he feels like it never happened at all, but the slight brush of their lips--amazingly soft, amazingly pleasant--is unforgettable.