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Daily Love; Daily Life

Daily Love; Daily Life | 00. Opening
Fluff, Slice of Life | 401 | PG
Simple opening before starting the next chapter
they were wondering who were those two guys?

Daily Love; Daily Life | 01. Blanket
Jongwoon, Kyuhyun
Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life, Friendship | 1,078 | PG

The exhaustion made him sleep without blanket
you need a blanket if you don't want to get sick, silly.

will be locked in two weeks
henry (bubblegum)

the last flower + gentleman + voice | henber + heemi + kry

The last flower [drabble]
Henber (Henry/Amber), Donghae
AU-ish. Henry makes a promise to love her until the last flower wilts

The wind blows gently and sends a single leaf floating slowly to the ground, but Amber catches it before it can land on her nose.

Gentleman [one-shot]
Heemi (Heechul/Zhou Mi)
“The period where I couldn’t move at all, the one who became my arms and legs Marinate sauce/Seasoning (+_+)”
A/N: Based off Heechul’s cyworld post (here)

Heechul almost cursed as the pain shot up his leg again, and he loathed that the nurse was late in giving him his pain killer.

Voice [drabble]
SJ-KRY (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung)
It’s gone, it’s beyond recognition anymore. It’s not their voice anymore.

Kyuhyun hesitated. It sounded like his voice, but it also didn’t.
sichul #2

Decision Of The Apple [KRY] + The Line Between Destiny And Chance [SiChul]

Title: Decision Of The Apple
Prompt: #099.Apples
Pairing: KRY, side!SiChul
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: YeSung can't choose between RyeoWook and KyuHyun but SiWon has an idea to solve this, so that YeSung doesn't need to choose.
AN: So I wrote this in two hours or something, just because I suddenly had an idea xD Hope it's okay. I never wrote KRY and I think they're pretty ooc. And I couldn't resist to put some SiChul in it ^_^ Sorry...xD

He should confess if he wanted to change something. He imagined how it would be when he would do so and then be able to kiss as well. But who? KyuHyun or RyeoWook.

Title: The Line Between Destiny And Chance
Pairing/Characters: HeeChul-centric, SiChul, broken!KyuMin, past!LeeTeuk/OC, KiBum/OC, YeSung, RyeoWook
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mpreg
Disclaimer I don't own them.
Summary: SiWon decided to take good care of HeeChul and his daughter, but he doesn't know what will come with that, so will he be able to keep his promise over the time?
AN: I love this chappy personally ^^ Hope you enjoy this as well :) Also, I guess, it's quite long ^_^

HeeChul woke up with his stomach hurting. 'Ah, what the fuck is wrong with me?' he muttered, already in a bad mood that early in the morning.


            I don't usually livejournal, but when I do miracle   I don’t use lj a lot, but I creep on this community nearly every day. You guys are absolutely amazing and I love you for keeping this place alive and thriving with your sexy/ fluffy/heartbreaking stories <3 Sappy introductions aside, I thought it was time to stop lurking and actually contribute something... Since I can’t write, I bring fanart. I really hope you guys like it, and ideas for new drawings are always welcome (there are plenty of mistakes so criticism is  encouraged as well)

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It's the end of the world...now everybody K.R.Y.

Title: It's the end of the world...
Pairing: none, Super Junior K.R.Y. Friendship
Rating: R
Genre: Apocalypse AU
Warning: Character death, suicide...for those of you who know me: this was written while i was eating sugar, you have been warned
Summary: It was too hard to live in a world on the verge of destruction..."I can't take it anymore" Ryeowook cried. (terrible summary, i know, but i really don't know how to summarize something like this)

"I can't take it anymore"
려욱 → I&#39;ll give you a show
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Title: Believe Me, I'm Lying [One-shot]
Author: wookism
Rating: PG
Summary: Kyuhyun and Ryeowook convince Donghae that an exhausted Yesung is really a zombie who has recently been turned. Sungmin takes no part in the festivities. Set during the airplane trip from Korea to Japan that KRYSH took for the first KRY concert in Japan.
Disclaimer: Title taken from "Believe Me, I'm Lying" by Forever the Sickest Kids

“You know those movies where someone goes to a cemetery and starts chanting some old spell and then suddenly there’s zombies EVERYWHERE,” Kyuhyun smirked, appearing to be getting pleasure from torturing his hyung.

A Journal of Tears 2/?

Title: A Journal of Tears 2/?
Fandom: Super Junior/ K.R.Y
Pairings: KyuYeWook [K.R.Y]
Rating: NC-17
Warning: BoyxBoy, Angst, Implied Rape,
Summary:Ryeowook, was given a diary long ago by a fan and the innocent member clings to this item in a special way. One night, during Super Junior's happy times..something terrible happens and the only thing Ryeowook has to tell his story...is his Journal.

Previous Chapters:/Prologue/1/

[ ...Please tell the world our story... ]