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26 October 2015 @ 02:08 pm
title: Hued Tear Drops
pairing: yewook
rating: PG
genre: romance
summary: “...you’re beautiful Jongwoon, you’re so beautiful, have you ever seen yourself smile, not a fake one, but a full-blown smile?”

“Who are you?” Jongwoon asked, and Ryeowook’s answer was to laugh in his high-pitched song-bird voice.
02 October 2015 @ 12:49 am
title: Love & Roll
pairing: kyuwook
rating: PG
genre: romance
summary: “Do you want to ask me out?” Ryeowook whispered against Kyuhyun’s ear, causing the taller boy to shiver, and his mind to go blank.

He was a perfect 10, and he was ready to knock Cho Kyuhyun off his feet.
28 September 2015 @ 05:40 pm
title: Promises
pairing: yewook
rating: pg
genre: hurt/comfort
summary: It had been Jongwoon that saved him. The others didn’t realize what was going on, but Jongwoon did.

It had been Jongwoon that saved him. The others didn’t realize what was going on, but Jongwoon did.
27 September 2015 @ 04:14 pm
title: Untitled
pairing: kyuwook
rating: PG
genre: fluff
summary: “Why are you crying, did I do something wrong?” No you idiot, you do everything so right it physically hurts.

The first time Ryeowook got sick, Kyuhyun freaked out.
14 May 2014 @ 11:04 am
Title: To Hell and Back
Rating: G
Pairing: Ryeowook!centric
Word count: ~3000
Summary: Ryeowook accidentally sells his soul to satan, who happens to take a liking to him. Things could be worse, right?
A/N: Based of this tumblr post. Nothing but crack.

{...Ryeowook never expected that his only friend would come in the form of an antisocial genius who spent most of his time locked in his room playing Starcraft against people who he claimed were professionals...}
09 March 2014 @ 01:54 pm
Title: Key To Your Heart – Part 4

Main Pairing: Sungmin & Kyuhyun
Side Pairing: Eunhyuk & Donghae / Ryeowook & Yesung
Other characters: Heechul / Kangin / Siwon / Zhoumi / Ara / various SNSD members
Genre: Romance / Crack / Slight angst / Chaptered
Rating: PG for this chapter
Word Count: 4962

Summary: Kyuhyun had no plans to get under Sungmin’s skin but when the blond stirred something in him, he couldn’t help but tried to see what made the fair-haired man tick. Read more...Collapse )

Author’s Note: Please see main story.

~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~, ~

I awoke to the voice of Demi Lovato singing Give Your Hear A Break. I really loved her singing voice, all sweet and powerful at the same time. Yup, that was my wake up alarm blasting from my mobile phone telling me that it was seven in the morning.

25 December 2013 @ 01:13 pm
Dream Sand
Jongwoon, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Siwon, Kangin
Rise of The Guardians AU | Drabble, Crack, Fluff | 850 | G

They want to help. Rejected. Sleep, then…?
Yow! Shall we help ya with anythin' there, mate?
30 September 2013 @ 11:40 pm

Title: Fun and Games
Pairing/ Characters: kid! Kyuhyun, kid! Hyukjae ( mentions of kid! Sungmin, kid! Donghae, kid! Ryeowook)
Rating: G
Genre: Friendship / Fluff
Verse: alternate
Words: 1,419
Summary: Hyukjae shows Kyuhyun that kid’s games as just as fun as Starcraft

“You’re really smart...but...you’re not very fun are you?”
19 August 2013 @ 08:52 pm
Title: The Chaser - Part One
Pairing/s: WonKyu (SiWon/KyuHyun); Side/implied/kinda sorta irrelevant: MiMin (Zhou Mi/SungMin), YeWook (YeSung/RyeoWook), EunHae (EunHyuk/DongHae), HoMin (YunHo/ChangMin)
Characters: KyuHyun, SiWon, YeSung, RyeoWook, ChangMin (TVXQ),
Rating: PG to NC-17
Warnings: Mentions of violence, drugs, sex and general obscenities, cursing etc, etc, blah, blah
Genre: Crack (?), Drama, Romance, Smut
Disclaimer: I have no connection with SMTown or the management of Super Junior. DUH.
Summary: In which the slightly ill-tempered and snarky assasin Cho Kyuhyun sets out to kick ass and take names, but encounters a very resilient, very annoying and very handsome distraction.

Cho Kyuhyun's day was bad, and as it seems, it's not improving
18 July 2013 @ 10:15 am
Title: Alone
Pairing: Ryeowook/Ryeowook
Word Count: 779
Rating: PG (to be safe?)
Theme: 017. Accidents Ryeowook/Ryeowook
Summary: Left alone to himself…it’s a dark world out there… (idk what kind of summary this is)
14 July 2013 @ 12:00 am
Pairing(s): KyuMin, ninja!EunHae
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship/Romance/Slight angst
Summary: Kyuhyun loves pickup lines, and he loves to troll members with pickup lines.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members.
A/N: Original idea (and the line that started it all) from neko_no_hi676.

( “Wanna come see my hard disk? I promise it’s not three point five inches, and it sure ain’t floppy.” )
28 June 2013 @ 07:01 pm
title: Mommy Kyuhyun
pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin
Rating: PG-13
genre: AU!college; fluff
warning: UNBETA'd, fail plot
Summary: The person kyuhyun hated the most is his ex-wife and when his son started looking for her, the only solution he got is to kneel down before his bestfriend, ask him out and make his bestfriend to pretend as his wife.

Only if his bestfriend is a girl; unfortunately, he isn’t.

( “either you have peepee or vajayjay, you’ll be Jintuo’s mother for a month okay?” )
21 June 2013 @ 07:53 pm
Pairing(s): KyuMin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst/Friendship/Romance
Summary: Kyuhyun and Sungmin go a long way back, from childhood friends and now to colleagues in the same company. They keep nothing from each other- or almost nothing, because there's a word inked on Kyuhyun's torso that, until now, he'd rather die than show Sungmin.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members.

( “Because just your name alone makes everything better,” Kyuhyun admits, curling his fingers around Sungmin’s. )
07 June 2013 @ 09:42 pm
Pairing(s): KyuMin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst/Friendship/Romance
Summary: All Kyuhyun's wanted for years has been revenge, but after he meets Sungmin, gradually all of that flies out the window.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members.

( Kyuhyun’s never met him, but he already hates him. )
14 May 2013 @ 02:19 am
Burn Haewook. PG
He’s standing at the stove, stirring the pasta with a wooden spoon, when he hears the telltale creak of someone sneaking across floorboards.

Castle Haewook. PG. AU.
It’s childish, for certain, but they had joked about it for months and it only seemed appropriate that their last weekend together before summer vacation was spent building a blanket fort.

Childhood Kangin. Ryeowook. G
His wife would be disappointed to see him bribing the child with food, but Youngwoon figures what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

Part of my 100 Word Challenge.

edit- the links should work now orz
20 April 2013 @ 12:36 pm
Pairing(s): KyuMin, ninja!YeWook
Rating: PG
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Summary: Kyuhyun has a top secret crush on Sungmin, and therefore both his other best friends know about it. Unfortunately, a matchmaker Ryeowook is not. Thankfully there's Yesung.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members.

( “I have the perfect plan to get you two together! And if it doesn’t work, I have another plan. And another, if that one doesn’t work,” Ryeowook said proudly. )
28 March 2013 @ 07:43 pm
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: YeWook, ninja! Kangin
Genre: AU, Fluff, Oneshot
Warning: Unbeta-ed,Fail, YAOI
Summary: Yesung just overly sensitive about his boyfriend sudden unpredictable mood change, and want to know the reason why?

“"What's with the sulking face ryeonggu?"”.
25 March 2013 @ 07:19 pm
Pairing(s): KyuMin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Summary: It's Super Show time again, and of course Sungmin has to crossdress- again.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members.
A/N: Sequel to Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, but can be read as a stand-alone.

( “Hi hyung,” he grinned, “or should I call you ‘unnie’?” )
25 January 2013 @ 05:10 pm
Title: Bittersweet
Pairing: Donghae/Ryeowook, Eunhyuk/Donghae, Yesung/Ryeowook
Genre: Angst/Romance
Wordcount: 9030
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sequel to Same Old Lang Syne. Ryeowook thinks things are finally starting to change for the better.

January goes better than either of them could have hoped. Donghae gets a new job at a dance studio teaching hip hop and business at the restaurant Ryeowook works at has never been better. Even better than that, a more genuine affection begins to sprout between them.