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Fanfic Requests

Hi, guys!

I'm having a serious writer's block.
I keep writing but all the drafts go into the bin lately.
I want to write one or two one shot before I start studying for my Final.
I need some of your ideas and prompts to spark my rusted brain and imagination.
If you wanna request, just comment on my journal post entitling Fanfic requests.

The plot can be of anything but the pairing has to be KYUHAE!
(I'm doing any other pair, even Haehyuk which is my OTP!)

Thanks anyway.

I'm planning to post a new one shot but they keep getting deleted.
I'll reply whose request I'll be doing.

Bye. Have a nice day!

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so, i'm a lurker in this comm. but i love reading everyone's stuff. =) i'm not a writer, but maybe someday i'll write something and post it. lol.

anyways, i have a request.

does anyone want to reccomend some good HANHAE (i know, not a common pairing) fics to me? s'il vous plait?

no serious angst. romance, smut, comedy, and suju m fics are nice. =)

thank you! merci!



Hey guys! I'm pretty new to the Super Junior fandom, but I'm at the point now when I feel I can start writing some fics. I've got two ideas for multi-chapter fics, but I want to write some one shots to get into it. Sadly I have no idea what to write for said one shots, this is where you come in. Click the link for details:

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Jimin Dynamite


ok plz helpme im lookinh for a kyu zi and its gose like this i think

kyu likes sunming and zi likes kyu one night they do it and kyu calles out sunmins name insted of zis i dont rember what its called plz help me im begging you

Looking for a fic...

I read this fic forever ago and really want to read it again.
Its Hanchul. Hangeng gets sent to a boarding school or some kind of reformatory (I think there were nuns???) after accidentally killing his little sister. He meets Heechul, who he thinks is weird, but they end up kind of becoming friends. Heechul was sent to the school becasue he fell in love with a boy and every so often his father comes to see if he's "cured". I think at the end, Hannie runs away.
If anybody knows where this is, it would be really cool if you could tell me! I loved it so much. ^^ Thanks.

Thank you so much to followurdestiny , blackkikyo , and lovely_tatsuha for giving me the link! Suju cookies for you all! ^^
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I read through the posting rules and it didn't say anything about posts requesting help looking for certain fics so I hope this is ok? I'm looking for a story that I think is called "The trouble with being Canadian"? I know that it was about Henry and one of his friends from Canada kept calling him and bugging him about it seems as though Ryeowook is raping him(Henry.) There are a couple of awkward scenes where Henry screams "Ryeowook is not a rapist!" when Ryeo is within hearing range. If anyone could help that would be amazing as I'm having such a hard time finding it!


it me! Dr3-san! PRO-smut writer, claimed by Mary!
kichul1106 .And ima doing some special smut requests! those who read and commented my work knows what my quircks and downfalls are. those who don't know me, i write pretty hardcore smut, not the best, but i have improved over the course of writing. ANYWAYS! Ima be writing smut and posting them time to time in the month of DECEMBER. i'll accept up to 12, but the more, the merrier i guess! HOWEVER! i ONLY do CERTAIN pairings. Because, its hard for me to write certain pairings/person and ima VERY strict about it sometime... ANYTHING OTHER THEN THAT, I'll also ONLY do the following fandoms. HOWEVER, if anyone wants to include a certain band/pairing not mention, requested it, and it shall be forfilled!
OTHER THEN THAT, plx read and follow!