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three drabbles

title: can't take my eyes off you
pairing: kyuhyun/sungmin
rating: pg
genre: fluff
wc: 417
prompt: kyumin, subway crushes

Sungmin takes the same route to work every day.

title: timeless
pairing: zhou mi/kyuhyun
genre: fluff
rating: pg
wc: 493
prompt: wedding dress designer mi and his mostly-reluctant dress model kyu

"Zhou Mi, why are you in a suit? It's 3 o'clock on a Thursday afternoon."

title: i'm gonna mail myself to you
pairing: zhou mi/ryeowook
genre: fluff
rating: pg
wc: 419
prompt: miwook based off of ryeowook's tweet about letters from forever ago

The letters weren't written all at once, like Zhou Mi had first suspected.

A/N: these are all old prompts that were filled on ask.fm that I never ported over to lj. Enjoy.
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two fics

title: 行かないで [ikanaide]
pairing: jongwoon/ryeowook
genre: angst
rating: pg-13
warning: character death
wc: not much
a/n: loosely inspired by this picture and also obligatory hunger games!au please pretend that katniss never happened ok tq (have i done a hg!au yet i don't remember it's been so long since i last ficced lookit me go)

There was something to be said about the fact that they'd made it this far.

title: simplicity
pairing: zhou mi/ryeowook
genre: fluff
rating: pg
wc: short
a/n: because i promised littlemiss_suju that i would post fluff to go alongside that angst. sequel to this. part of the 100 themes challenge; prompt 93: simplicity

Walks were always something that Ryeowook looked forward to.
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2 miwook drabbles

Vanilla Kisses
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Ryeowook
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
wc: 777
Summary: Zhou Mi has quickly learned that their monthly zoo trips (not dates -- Zhou Mi has also learned not to get his hopes up) always start out with Ryeowook making a beeline straight to "Africa."

Carrying You
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Ryeowook
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
wc: 781
Summary: Zhou Mi breaks his ankle, and Ryeowook wants to beat Sungmin up with a skateboard.
ZhouWook 2

Shine - ZhouWook

Title: Shine
Rating: G
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Ryeowook
Length: Oneshot (1,346 words)
Disclaimer: Super Junior, SNSD, TVXQ and their souls are owned by SM Entertainment.
Song is "Seventeen Ain't So Sweet" by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
Summary: There is a melody of hope, sung by a voice of loneliness. There is a beauty that is hidden behind self-imposed walls. There is one who is left behind. Unheard.

He noticed the ones who were left behind.
Lady Valtaya

Double posting... because I'm lazy.

Title: Private Party
Pairing: SiMinChul
Rating: NC-17. It's what I do, get used to it.
Notes: Heechul wants to give his boyfriend a special present for his birthday- a threesome. Light bondage, rimming, unprotected sex and DP...

Siwon awoke to the sensation of his lover's smooth, warm skin against his. But he had a bit of a headache- how much wine did he drink at the party? He yawned and was about to sit up when he realized he couldn't. He was tied to the bed.

Title: Top?
Pairing: YeWook, KangMin and combinations RyeoMin... XD
Rating: PG
Notes: Ryeowook is used to not being taken seriously...

It was just another TV taping and it was too hot under the lights. Ryeowook just wanted to be done. He was bored because no one had asked him anything during this Q&A session. He sighed, he loved their fans but he was tired and just wanted to go home.
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Fic: Where Did It All Go Wrong

Title: Where Did It All Go Wrong
Pairing: KyuMin & YeWook (Main Pairings); plus others, vague mention of KyuWook
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It wasn't supposed to be like this, Min loves Kyu so much but yet...this happened
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys/characters/band in the fic. I'm not making any kind of profits form them or the fic. This is FICTION only!!
Warning: A small dosage of angst
A/N: The fic will be f-locked after 3 days/72 hours period; any mistakes seen in the fic is my own and most importantly hope you guys ENJOY the fic

Here's the fic: http://naeddna.livejournal.com/23675.html

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Rarepair and Anypair drabbles

Title: Halogen
Pairing: KiMin
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Summary: you flashed your halogen smile and told me you had it under control.

Title: Pinky Promises
Pairing: MiWook
Rating: PG
Genre: Hurt/comfort
Summary: i found him sitting on the bathroom floor with his knees pulled under his chin.

Title: Touch and Go
Pairing: YeRy
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Summary: jongwoon-hyung always touches me.

Title: My, What a Beautiful World
Pairing: Any
Rating: PG
Genre: Slice of life
Summary: and you think with a smile, my, what a beautiful world.

A/N: all written in lapslock.