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Double Post

Title: Jewelry Store
Author: hn100702
Pairing: Zhou Mi x Reader
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Smutsmut. Haha. XD
Summary: Zhou Mi hates the dorm but he likes what he sees in the Jewelry Store. And he gets what he likes.

Hi. A ShenMi, I presume.

Title: Sofa
Author: hn100702
Pairing: KyuMi
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Smut! Um, it’s a fail!smut anyways so yeah. Kkk. Leave a comment. :33
Summary: Zhou Mi just had popcorn and didn’t leave Kyuhyun any. Now, Kyuhyun will “punish” Zhou Mi for not leaving him some.
Zhou Mi growled at the back of his throat and exchanged lustful looks with Kyuhyun.

Oh Henry!

Title: Oh Henry!
Pairings: Hankyung/Siwon, Hankyung/Siwon/Henry, ninja! KyuMi, Impled! Sihanhae
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1, 205
Summary: 4 times Henry finds his SJM leader and fellow bandmate having sex.
A/N: I'm supposed to be working on my English assignment right now... and this comes up instead. I should go to sleep.

“Oh my god!” Henry covered his eyes. “This is a public washroom for goodness sakes! Somebody could walk in on you two—I just walked in on you two!”  )