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in memoriam | in məˈmôrēəm

in memoriam | in məˈmôrēəm
Jongwoon; Kyuhyun; or Siwon; or your favourite cast or pairing
Romance, Slice of Life | 1,168 | PG | Major Character Death; 1st POV Narration

Five years since my beloved were taken away from me
I was filled with happy times, and I hope his days with me were filled the same

Stranger Under My Roof - Epilogue

Title: Stranger Under My Roof (epilogue)
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Yesung, YeKyu, KyuSung.
Genre: Drama, angst, fluff.
Warnings: Slight coarse language, mention of alcohol
Rating: PG-13
Summary: They say that what a person wants most in the world is the one thing they are deprived of. Kyuhyun has been deprived of Jongwoon’s affection for far too long.

Time stops around them.
  • rhenny

5 Times Yesung Barged into Kyuhyun's Room (and 1 Time Kyuhyun Barged into Yesung's Room)

Title: 5 Times Yesung Barged into Kyuhyun's Room (and 1 Time Kyuhyun Barged into Yesung's room)
Author: rhenny
Pairing: KyuSung/YeKyu
Genre: Fluff, Romance, slight drama
Rating: G
Length: one-shot
Prompt: Nightmares (wildcard)
Summary: In which Yesung barged into Kyuhyun’s room 5 times and Kyuhyun did it for 1 time
Word Count: 1,917

"I'm here, don't worry."

The Long Way Round - Part 2

Title: The Long Way Round (part two)
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Yesung, YeKyu, KyuSung
Genre: Angst, Romance, Family
Warnings: Slight coarse language, sensuality
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What Kyuhyun had thought was so right had led to all the wrongs in his life. It takes Kyuhyun and Jongwoon the long way round to come together...

"Between us ... just between us, can I not hide it?"

Daily Love; Daily Life

Daily Love; Daily Life | 00. Opening
Fluff, Slice of Life | 401 | PG
Simple opening before starting the next chapter
they were wondering who were those two guys?

Daily Love; Daily Life | 01. Blanket
Jongwoon, Kyuhyun
Romance, Fluff, Slice of Life, Friendship | 1,078 | PG

The exhaustion made him sleep without blanket
you need a blanket if you don't want to get sick, silly.

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