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Shattered fragments of an empty heart

Title: Shattered fragments of an empty heart
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rated: PG-13
Pairing: one-sided!HeeSung [Heechul/Yesung], broken!JaySung [Trax’s Jay/Yesung], siblings!JayChul
Type: One-shot, shorter than my previous two long one-shots though
Summary: Heechul knows it’s dangerous to fall in love and feels that he's protected from getting hurt if he doesn't love, yet he finds his heart breaking with pain again when a certain man appears at his door, tears trickling down his cheeks.
a/n: My first time writing angst here.
Warning: BEWARE, typed on the bus, I spell checked it on computer and there was no errors but just in case, please excuse any grammar/spelling errors.

( “I told you not to fall in love, didn’t I, Yesung? But you still did, didn’t you?” )