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A Good Run of Bad Luck (Superpowersfic) Chapter 2

Title: A Good Run of Bad Luck 2/?
Author: Cairistiona
Genre: AU, Gen, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Minor Fluff, Crack
Rating: 15
Pairing: Various [in this chapter: Implied!Heechul/Tiffany, Implied!Siwon/Yoona, One-sided!Henry/Amber, One-sided!Donghae/Jessica, One-sided!Kangin/Taeyeon]
Characters: Super Junior + M, So Nyeo Shi Dae, f(x), SHINee, Dong Bang Shin Ki, SM The Ballad, TRAX, assorted SM Entertainment people
Story warnings: Violence, Death (non-main characters)
Summary: [Superpowers AU] Nine years ago, in a crooked town full of crooked people watched over by the crooked police, people started to gain supernatural powers. Leeteuk, the young Senior Inspector, wanted to write a reference list of all the powers of the crooked people, but crooked people never were likely to tell policemen anything. Nine years later and the police are less crooked, but the crooked people still aren’t willing to divulge their secrets—until their own are in danger.
(Longer summary inside.)

Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two

Unemployed graduate Zhou Mi doesn’t find anything awkward or uncomfortable, which he knows annoys Jungsu sometimes, but it works in his favour this time.
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In A Heartbeat /1

My LJ has been dead and I've totally forgotten about this fanfic i wrote a long long time ago. 
So i decide to post it (if i can remember how to use this thing!) 

Titile : In A Heartbeat/1
Pairings: Yesung/Luna,  Yesung/Yuri, Lee Teuk/ Taeyeon, Siwon/Yoona
Ratings: PG
Notes: A/U
Summary: Her heart is no longer her own but someone else's. Can she find new love with this heart or would she live under the shadow of the other?
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Hope You Like It!
i am just having fun, this story and my grammar is horrible :P
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YoonHae [Hae's BD]

S♥Yoong Drabble Series [Drabbles 10 to 15]

My Super Yoong (Super Junior&YoonA project), "YoonA and her 13(+2) boyfriends"~ The idea was to post one drabble/oneshot per bond. This is the last batch of 5, which completes the series. The previous ones can be found here: [1-5] | [5-10]

Title: Guilty (guiltier)
Bond: Siwon x YoonA, ambiguous/unrequited YoonWon (implied YoonHae)
Rating: G
Word Count: 194
Summary: After the SPAO photoshoot, Siwon felt sort of guilty.

Title: Angel (out of reach)
Bond: Ryeowook x YoonA, unrequited YoonWook
Rating: G
Word Count: 107
Summary: That's what he has always seen.

Title: Then (never)
Bond: Kibum x YoonA, ambiguous YoonBum
Rating: G
Word Count: 257
Summary: When they were trainees, he used to be one of the closest to her.

Title: Acceptance (resignation)
Bond: Kyuhyun x YoonA, unrequited KyuYoong (implied YoonHae)
Rating: G
Word Count: 418
Summary: Across the years, he has learnt how to come to terms with it.

Title: Beauty (contagious)
Bond: Henry&YoonA, platonic YoonRy (+others implied)
Rating: G
Word Count: 348
Summary: If you’re not that close to him, Henry would omit one of the main reasons why he finds YoonA so unbelievably beautiful.