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Title : Cookies!!
Pairing : Siwon / ?
Rating : G
Summary : Siwon love Chocolate cookies, and he hate to share the thing that he thought he love most. But is it worth to lost a man of his life for a one half Chocolate Cookies?!..

A/Notes : The storyline is ready but I still on search for the right role for who going to play 'The Man' character along Mr. Choi side. So please comment to help me out on the decision.

and 'The Man' is...?

To be with you chapter 11 (REVISED)


Pairing : Hanchul, Shichul, shiwonx???

Rating : Pg13 and above

Length : 11 / 15? (sorry, develop too much, and it getting longer XDD)

Genre : drama, crack, angst, romance

Warning : rape. (just simple ^^

Summary : Shinhanchul, are best friends in high school. Heechul is shiwon's childhood friend, then since they meet hankyung on high school, the three are stuck to each other. many girls envy heechul. He always close to chiwon, the most famous man in high school and hankyung, the rich, charming, manly and kindhearted Chinese followed him everywhere he go.

The three of them are find with it, until jealousy comes and one of them crossover the best friend line for his ego to own the man he love.

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new :

“love is everywhere..I know..just, please don’t envied me with your affectionate love.” )

A/N : I DON'T WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH LJ !!! from yesterday they messed up with me, CUTTING ALMOST ALL OF THIS CHAPTER, and keep on cutting my post for the last 1 hour...
*dies from too much anger*

and I want to apologize to everyone who comment on the previous post, *bows* I have to delete your comment because I delete the F*****G chapter, and make a new cut T^T


Dangerous Love? Yeah RIGHT!!!~Prologue

 Title: Dangerous Love? Yeah RIGHT!!!~Prologue
Author: kpop4ever15
Pairing: You'll find out as you read on.
Rating: PG-13 to R
Summary: Choi Siwion is the CEO of the Shinhwa Candy group. His life is pretty ordinary until he is assigned a new assistant that takes him on the biggest roller coaster of his life.
A/N: This is my 1st fic so don't judge me.

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Title: N/A (for now)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor. Crack.
Status: Ongoing
Summary: AU. Five years prior to his ‘untimely’ death ShiWon unknowingly slept with the Devil. Now in order to get into Heaven, he must go back in time and right his obvious wrong. Satan, however, may have other plans…
Features British!Pouty-mouth!ShiWon.

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Since I haven't written anything in a while...I decided to contribute a little something that I whipped up today.

Title A Gentle Reminder
Rating PG to PG-13
Pairing Shiwon/? (well, you can probably guess who I want it to be, but it's ambiguous)
Summary It's raining again.
Spinning YiDa Huang - 一秒的安慰 A Moment Of Consolation

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