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Shared Smiles

Title: Shared Smiles
Pairing: RyeoJae (Ryeowook (Super Junior)x Jaejoong (DBSK))
Rating: G
Notes: for rainbowromance8. Because I love her. And I owe her a fic anyway. And she said the nicest thing to me the other day, and cheered me up and made me happy and I love you.
I love the beginning of this and then… I lost it. So… I dunno. It’s so… fluffy. O.o;; But at least I finally wrote something.

Shared Smiles
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Title: Breakfast~
Author: Nhi [Avirjin]
Rating: PG
Form: One-shot
Genre: Fluff~?
Fandom: DongBangJunior
Pairings: RyeoJae, SiHan, and splashes of others if you squint really, really hard~

A/N: This is for rainbowromance8 [because she's just decided that she loves RyeoJae and she's the one that even got me posting up stories in the first place], as well as for myself. Because there just isn't enough SiHan cute-ness to get me through the day. ^^

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