Tags: pairing: reader/other

Autumn In Seoul (1/?)

Chapter Title: Kaede (You version)
Rating: PG
Character: you/OC, Donghae, Leeteuk, Kang Sora, Eunseo, rest of super junior member
Warnings: None~
MBS will launch new We Got Married concept this year. They will add 1 couple beside Teukso and Jungwoo couple. But this couple will be different. They will combine one idol and one from ordinary people to become an official WGM Couple. You are an environmental scientist who will doing your research in Seoul for 6 months. You are requested by your sponsor to promote their "Save Our Green Earth" project by joining WGM. In order for promoting purpose, you agreed. You thought that these program is all scripted, so you thought you've been trained for that. But you're wrong, you can fake your smile and voice but not your heart beat.