Tags: pairing: kyuhyun/victoria


Somewhere in the Jungle

title: somewhere in the jungle
author: skullchi
pairing: changmin/victoria/kyuhyun
length: words 2,338
rating: g
summary: never let me go polyamory au

Maybe it's supposed to be like this, they think and hope. Not being an experiment. Not being tied down an hour every day to a chair and being sodomized in the name of science.

[fic] The Puppets; Kyuhyun/Victoria/Changmin

Title: The Puppets
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Victoria, Kyuhyun/Sooyoung, Kyuhyun/Changmin
Genre: Romance
Rating: R
Summary: You can keep your secrets all that you want but jealousy always has a way of biting you back in the end, maybe ten times worse. (Messy squares.)

Funny things happen when the truth gets placed where it should be.

Super Junior Shuffle Drabbles

Title: Shuffle Drabbles {Super Junior|10/04/12}
Rating: G | PG-13 | PG-15
Pairings: HanChul | EunHae | HyukSu | YunChul | KyuToria | WonYul
Summary: Just random drabbles about random couples I write to shuffle songs when I’m bored in class {which happens a loooot lately}.

#Don’t Don – Super Junior
#219 words
It was more fun when nobody could know.It was the most fun when it was forbidden.

#Heartbreaker – G-Dragon
#160 words
He had always known Kim HeeChul was no good, that he meant trouble.

#Love Song - Big Bang
#184 words
So many hours of friendship, of shared memories, of unspoken thoughts and well-lived moments thrown away in just a whisper of “I like you”

#Moves like Jagger – Maroon5
#186 words
“You wait there” he whispered in a husky voice, encircling her waist with an arm and turning her to face him.

#Cooking? Cooking! – Super Junior H
# PG-15
#191 words
Living with HeeChul has his advantages, like a fairly clean place, luxurious furniture, satellite TV twenty-four seven and, of course, sex on a regular basis, however...

#Sorry Sorry Answer – Super Junior K.R.Y + DongHae&EunHyuk
#208 words
Yuri turned at the feeling of being observed, only to find SiWon’s eyes fixed on her.


Anniversary (oneshot)

Title: Anniversary
Chapter: 1/1 (oneshot)
Author: rawrrrstar
Fandom: Super Junior & f(x)
Pairings: KyuToria
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff, romance
Warnings: kissing, cheesiness, un-beta-ed
Disclairmers: I WISH I owned them, but that can only happen when I become the richest girl in the world so that I can buy SM. For now, I only own the story, period. XD
Summary: They say opposites attract, and how true it holds for the two of them. They would, at first, not seem to even be a couple. Perhaps only good friends – odd friends, to be sure – but nothing deeper. It seems hardly likely that two such seemingly different people could be compatible at all.
Comments: My dear baby requested this, so I made it for her. Please excuse me for changing the personalities of the real people. I am not used to write this type of fics, so this is something new for me. Also I like f(x) as a group, but I was never that interested to read or watch shows with the members, therefor, I don't know much about Victoria Song, so I created a personality for her. Excuse me if you don't like it. I did my best. ^^

“Happiness for Kyuhyun means being with Victoria…”
seasons greetings, sweet, coffee


(Come with me and take to the air; because we dream with our eyes open; and flight begins with a leap of faith)

Super Junior K.R.Y Friendship/Post-University AU, Gen, 14,276 words
Jongwoon-centric, small Kyuhyun/Victoria

~where Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are singers, and Jongwoon owns a café shop. Twitter is also Ryeowook’s other best friend, Kyuhyun conquers Korea by storm after a year of hiatus, and Jongwoon tries to manage his café without any crazy fangirl stampedes. Along the way, Jongwoon discovers what he might have been searching for. Oh, and then there is the coffee. (And the lemons.) And the fact that Jongwoon treats Kyuhyun’s bachelor pad like his own. It is all very confusing like how life normally is.

Part 1 
( “He’s not drunk enough.” Ryeowook gnaws on a chicken leg absently; pushing the thick scarf wrapped around his neck aside, “I need my pictures to be of news-worthy quality.” )

Part 2

( He trips over some game console wires on the way to the toilet. Ah right, Kyuhyun’s house, he recalls. )