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Unfinished fic dump! [most ratings]

didn't we say we weren't going to let this happen?
Summary: Jungsoo thinks it's been too long since they had a heart to heart.
band!fic, pg13
They've all lost their focus, every last one, and he knows it, feels it in his heart. )

Summary: Heechul is lost when one of his band members leave.
heechul/hankyung, pg13
He loves his band members, so much that he would die for them. )

Summary: Hyukjae is addicted to these late-night meetings.
kangin/eunhyuk, R
What should have been just a one-time thing had somehow become an addiction. )

Summary: during practice for Kangin's Run To You performance during super show 2.
kangin/leeteuk, pg13
'well, i'm the focus anyway, so that doesn't matter.' )

Summary: Yuri meets an unexpected match.
kangin/yuri, R
She shivered slightly at the way her name rolled off his tongue. It was so smooth like silk - sensual and inviting. )

i'll stand by you
Summary: Hyukjae gets a visit from the past.
kangin/eunhyuk, pg13
He'd never been good with surprises. )

Summary: They were inseparable.
kangin/leeteuk, kangin/taeyeon, pg
Jungsoo loved his two friends; one, however, a bit more than the other. )

Summary: Cho Kyuhyun finally decides to do something about his crush.
kyuhyun/seohyun, pg
Good job, Cho Kyuhyun. )

I realize this is a long entry, I apologize for that. Lmao. Also, keep in mind these are all unfinished.