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A Good Run of Bad Luck (Superpowersfic) Chapter 2

Title: A Good Run of Bad Luck 2/?
Author: Cairistiona
Genre: AU, Gen, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Minor Fluff, Crack
Rating: 15
Pairing: Various [in this chapter: Implied!Heechul/Tiffany, Implied!Siwon/Yoona, One-sided!Henry/Amber, One-sided!Donghae/Jessica, One-sided!Kangin/Taeyeon]
Characters: Super Junior + M, So Nyeo Shi Dae, f(x), SHINee, Dong Bang Shin Ki, SM The Ballad, TRAX, assorted SM Entertainment people
Story warnings: Violence, Death (non-main characters)
Summary: [Superpowers AU] Nine years ago, in a crooked town full of crooked people watched over by the crooked police, people started to gain supernatural powers. Leeteuk, the young Senior Inspector, wanted to write a reference list of all the powers of the crooked people, but crooked people never were likely to tell policemen anything. Nine years later and the police are less crooked, but the crooked people still aren’t willing to divulge their secrets—until their own are in danger.
(Longer summary inside.)

Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two

Unemployed graduate Zhou Mi doesn’t find anything awkward or uncomfortable, which he knows annoys Jungsu sometimes, but it works in his favour this time.
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Unfinished fic dump! [most ratings]

didn't we say we weren't going to let this happen?
Summary: Jungsoo thinks it's been too long since they had a heart to heart.
band!fic, pg13
They've all lost their focus, every last one, and he knows it, feels it in his heart. )

Summary: Heechul is lost when one of his band members leave.
heechul/hankyung, pg13
He loves his band members, so much that he would die for them. )

Summary: Hyukjae is addicted to these late-night meetings.
kangin/eunhyuk, R
What should have been just a one-time thing had somehow become an addiction. )

Summary: during practice for Kangin's Run To You performance during super show 2.
kangin/leeteuk, pg13
'well, i'm the focus anyway, so that doesn't matter.' )

Summary: Yuri meets an unexpected match.
kangin/yuri, R
She shivered slightly at the way her name rolled off his tongue. It was so smooth like silk - sensual and inviting. )

i'll stand by you
Summary: Hyukjae gets a visit from the past.
kangin/eunhyuk, pg13
He'd never been good with surprises. )

Summary: They were inseparable.
kangin/leeteuk, kangin/taeyeon, pg
Jungsoo loved his two friends; one, however, a bit more than the other. )

Summary: Cho Kyuhyun finally decides to do something about his crush.
kyuhyun/seohyun, pg
Good job, Cho Kyuhyun. )

I realize this is a long entry, I apologize for that. Lmao. Also, keep in mind these are all unfinished.

two fics for you~

Title; Sky Blue Shoes
Fandom/Pairing; Hankyung/Jaejoong, Jae & Chun friendship
Rating; G
Summary; It's Jaejoong's birthday, and there's a nice new kid in school who makes it awesome.
A/N; Sucky summary, but I love this. It's light-hearted, especially compared to the other things I write *cough*angst*cough* so yay! This is for Jaejoong's birthday! 2nd person is win, and I have a feeling I'm going to start using it more often, because I haven't for a long time.
Word Count; 1309
taiyou sansan )

Title; Differences Between Names
Fandom/Pairing; Kangin/Taeyeon
Rating; G
Summary; Kangin remembers when his name was Youngwoon and he wasn't popular.
A/N; I never wrote anything for Kangin's birthday, and I wanted to. So, I wrote this. Plus, KangYeon, whether romantic or friendly, is just too cute.
Word Count; 304
Taeyeon’s still around, after all. She’s still next door. )
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Maybe, could it be, no way, right?

Title: Maybe, could it be, no way, right?
Pairing: Haesica (main), SunSun, KanginxTaeyon, HankyungxZhang Li Yin, SiwonxHyeyon
Synopsis: “Maybe, I’ve mistaken my love for him as a love for a friend. Maybe, it was just our relationship, our friendship deepening. Maybe what I was feeling for him wasn’t love. Maybe—“ A story about how two friends started out from having very long conversations that eventually led to love. Loosely based from Owl City's Saltwater Room.
Word Count: 2, 434
Disclaimer: I don't own Suju, SNSD or SME. I only own how I translated it into this story.

* Set early 2010.
* A bit AU-ish since I didn't include the lawsuits SME's being sued for, and SME doesn't hold an annual Christmas Ball ;)
* un-BETA-ed, so forgive the mistakes. :D

"Oh, Owl City's Saltwater Room?" 

drabbles; various pairings

Bunch of drabbles with shuffled songs as prompts ^^

Song: Top of the World - Mandy Moore
Pair: Hanchul
Word Count: 188
Rating: PG
Summary:  But it's not him with you when you're on top of the world. Collapse )

Song: Popular - Wicked Soundtrack
Pair: Taemi [Taemin/Zhou Mi]
Word Count: 200
Rating: PG
Summary:   Sacrifices must be made, and in this case, Onew must go.
Warning:   Crack pairing with too big an age gap (as is normal with taemin)

Collapse )

Song: Be My Escape - Relient K
Pair: Qmi
Word Count: 198
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  In which Kyuhyun is a snark and Zhou Mi is whipped


Collapse )

Song: Too Lost In You
Pair:  Henwook
Word Count: 353
Rating: PG
Summary:  Sometimes you need to give people a second chance


Collapse )

Song:  Don't Don [M Version] - Super Junior M
Pair: Henhae
Word Count: 203
Rating: G
Summary:  It's a good thing Donghae's English isn't as limited as Heechul's


Collapse )

Song: Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
Pair: Kangteuk
Word Count: 211
Rating: PG=13
Summary:  There's only room for one girl in Suju, and that's Heechul



Collapse )

Song: Where Is The Love? - Black Eyed Peas
Pair: Kangyeon [Kangin/Taeyeon]
Word Count: 295
Rating: PG
Summary:  He tells you it's not good to keep it in, so you follow his words. 


Collapse )


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Wedding Invitation

For 30smiles  challenge
Super Junior
Title: Wedding Invitation
Author/Artist: </a></b></a>jishu 
Theme(s): Charlie # 11 Mails
Pairing/Characters: Kangin/Sungmin, Kangin/Taeyeon!broken
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer/claimer: I don't like disclaimers. It's obvious that I don't own Super Junior @_@ and everything is just fiction
Summary (if needed): Whose wedding is it? Sungmin’s hands trembled as he opened the scented enveloped. It was Kangin and Taeyeon.

This is a sequel to Pretend

Link to Wedding Invitation