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14 June 2013 @ 10:12 am
Title: Core
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Ryeowook/Kangin
Summary: Ryeowook is between his inner monster and death. Kangin has coffee.
Warning: Mental illness
31 January 2013 @ 12:17 am
#27 Smooth Jongwoon thinks Ryeowook should shave.
#37 Panic Switch [Kangwook] Kangin has to be careful not to go too far.
#51 Water Ryeowook thinks Jongwoon is an idiot for suggesting such things.

All rated G-PG-13. All Yewook unless labeled.

Part of my 100 Word Challenge.
17 December 2012 @ 03:44 am
title: A Letter to Santa
rating: pg-13
pairing: family!kangwook, yewook
genre: domestic!au
warnings: mentions of underaged sex
wc: ~7,000
summary: Youngwoon pens his Christmas wish to Santa in a letter.

"Dear Santa, I know you're a pretty busy man, and you probably have better things to do than listen to this guy ramble. But I'm going to tell you a story and I really hope you'll listen."
29 April 2012 @ 03:28 pm
089. "I like your face."; Kangin/Ryeowook | Slice of life, angst, brotherhood, hint of romance | G | WC: 1,242 

...Youngwoon wasn't dying. Youngwoon would only be gone for three years. So why did they looked as if he wouldn't return?

A/N: *breathes in* WELCOME BACK, KIM YOUNGWOON. WE MISSED YOU. (dang i'm late -_-;;)

14 March 2012 @ 10:00 pm
Prompt: "I like your face."
Pairing: Kangin/Ryeowook
Rating: PG
Summary: Kangin worries about his dongsaeng.

"I like your face" is the first thing he hears when he picks up the phone.
05 June 2011 @ 02:13 am
Title: I like your face [#89]
Genre: humor?
Chapters: Drabble
Pairing: Kangin/Ryeowook
Rating: G
Summary: It's bounding time! The one thing Kangin hates as much as Ryeowook loves.

Bounding time?

Title: Stuffed Animals [#46]
Genre: life
Chapters: Drabble
Pairing: Kangin/Eunhyuk
Rating: G
Summary: Why would Eunhyuk ever think that it's a good idea, especially when Kangin is the only help he can get?

Good Idea?
31 December 2010 @ 02:33 am
Please read and enjoy.

Title: What's Hard To Say
Pairing(s)/Characters: ZhouRy, SJM
Rating: PG-13
Genre: crack, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: Owns the fic, nothing else.
Summary: Henry thinks that Zhou Mi wants to tell him something. Zhou Mi, on the other hand, plays dumb. Then Donghae comes along and makes Henry paranoid to the extent that he blurts out weird things. But to Zhou Mi, it's all he ever wanted to hear.

Title: Guarding A Fantasy
Pairing(s)/Characters: Kangin-centric, KangTeuk
Rating: PG-13
Genre: fluff, romance, angst (feel it)
Disclaimer: Owns the fic, nothing else.
Summary: There is this saying: When you stare at something for too long, it will melt. Kangin relaxes by staring out the window. By doing this, a secret way of his to relax, he earns himself a new hobby - naming his feelings. What if Leeteuk is around? What will Kangin name that feeling?

Title: For An Admirable Person
Pairing(s)/Characters: kids!KiWook
Rating: G
Genre: fluff, friendship, angst (feel it)
Disclaimer: Owns the fic, nothing else.
Summary: Pebbles are sneaky. Then Kibum and Ryeowook meet. One day, this question appears: "What is the best treasure in the world?" Some would say gold, others would say diamonds. But the answer isn't anywhere near those. Guess?
05 December 2010 @ 03:54 pm
Title: Collared
Pairing: Heechul/Kangin
Rating: R
Genre: Angst?
Warning: Hints at certain things
Disclaimer: Not real, never happened. Boys don’t belong to me.
Summary: Some chains can never be broken
Author’s Note: Entry for the challenge, I think number 27? Pretty sure. Prompt 012 Chains Heechul/Kangin. To clarify they are not in a abusive relationship but a D/s one. I thought about going farther but kept it short.


Title: Good Dongsaeng
Pairing: Kangin/Ryeowook (friendship)
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff?
Warning: Failed cuteness?
Disclaimer: Not real, made it up.
Summary: Ryeowook hates polls and hates being a dongsaeng.
Author’s Note: 26th entry perhaps? I really have lost count. Bad I know. Prompt 089 “I like your face” Kangin/Ryeowook for the 100 fic challenge. I kind of fail at cute shorts but I tried so that’s something right?


Title: Scattered Roses
Pairing: Heechul/Leeteuk
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Warning: Language, suicidal tendencies
Disclaimer: Not real I made it up. Boys don’t belong to me.
Summary: Love changes people.
Author’s Note: I have no idea what number entry this is for me for the challenge. 25? Anyway it is for prompt 053 Puppies Heechul/Leeteuk. This is based on personal experience. The text and flashback are, at least. Me being Heechul not Leeteuk. A condensed version at least of what really happened.


Title: Used
Pairing: Shindong/Donghae
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Drama, Angst
Warning: Sex though not too graphic, heavy angst, language.
Disclaimer: Boys are not mine. Not real I made this up.
Summary: Even boys get insecure.
Author’s Note: Summary sucks. This is a lot longer than I intended. I think this is my second longest oneshot. Another post for the challenge. Prompt 085 Ache Shindong/Donghae

03 November 2010 @ 09:54 pm
Title: Crowded Room [One-shot]
Author: wookism
Pairing: KangWook
Rating: R
Summary: Kangin is a high school delinquent forced to be tutored by one Kim Ryeowook. He's in for a bit of a surprise when he finds out just how demanding Ryeowook can be.
Disclaimer: Title taken from "Crowded Room” by The Academy Is...

Worse yet, he was made to have a tutor, an underclassman who happened to excel in the classes he was doing poorly in.
Current Music: The Academy Is... - The Test | Powered by Last.fm
18 January 2010 @ 12:37 am
Title: Bad medicine
Pairing: HeeTeuk, WonMin, SiTeuk, HeeMin, YeHan, KangWook, and a hint of EunHae.
Genre: Crack mostly
Rating: R for mild language, and hints of situations
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but I wish I did.
Summary: Most of Super Junior go out to a club.
Word count: 1512
Notes: This is based on a song by Die Mannequin. This is unbetad for now, and written for midorihaven.

“I’ve got some bad, bad medicine.
Got some bad intention be sure, be sure.”

tags for mods;
pairing: eeteuk/heechul, pairing: heechul/sungmin, pairing: sungmin/siwon, pairing: eeteuk/siwon, pairing: hankyung/yesung, pairing: kangin/ryeowook, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae
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13 January 2010 @ 01:40 am
Title: Private Island
Author: Whatyoudoing09
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Youngwoon wanted to do something special for him.

So I am back again with a One Shot, it's really fluffy and I hope you like. I have enjoyed writing it so much. I am still writing my So Scandalous Series so please anticipate the next update.

So here is private Island.
Comments are loved :D


Xie Xie
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Title: Milkshakes
Characters/Pairings: Eunhyuk, Leeteuk. Kangteuk, Eunhae.
Prompt #: 73, Milkshakes
Summary: Eunhyuk and Leeteuk make milkshakes when their lovers are away and start to share 'stories'

"Teukie hyung, I'm thirsty." Eunhyuk whined...."Collapse )
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01 January 2010 @ 11:24 am
I'm stranded in Spain for the holidays and something about the air here makes me write a lot (A LOT) and I've finally decided to share. :D Most of what I've written is part of this list I made of the pairings I want to write and the prompts I used to write them (I write better with a prompt of some kind to go on) so a lot of the pairings are... ?? but most of them actually turned out okay! And some are kind of awesome. /is bricked

first, to start out with, my usual MO: a second person HanHae fic. D:
title: tell me you love me (tell me it isn't all for nothing.)
pairing: han geng/donghae -- hanhae
disclaimer: fake, fake, fake
genre: angst
rating: pg-13
summary: the day the doctors tell you that you’re sick is the day the sun turns cold.
um. this one is long. D: you can read it here if you want.

title: dancing through my mind
pairing: eunhyuk/henry
disclaimer: fake, fake, fake
genre: um. smut. >_>
rating: NC-17 *///*
summary: Eunhyuk can't get Henry out of his head.
read it here?

title: The Three Musketeers (three lovers in a time of need.)
fandom: Super Junior / Dong Bang Shin Ki
pairing: Han Geng/Jaejoong/Yesung -- HanJoongSung? >_>
it's here...

title: The Wisdom of Henry (and Donghae's mischievous plans)
pairing: Siwon/Zhou Mi and some very NOT ninja HanHae omfgleavemealone >_>
disclaimer: fake.
warning... this one is longer than the first one. :O lots of... crackiness? ensues. I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WITH THIS ONE. it amuses me. read it here and WARNING ALSO: Henry knows everything. I'm pretty convinced.

HERE is a collection of 100 word (give or take) drabble things with lots of pairings: HanWook, Yesung/Henry, Zhou Mi/Kibum, SiWook, WonRy, Kibum/Henry, ZhouRy, KiSung, Kangin/Ryeowook, KiHyun, Shindong/Kangin, Kyuhyun/Henry. Wow that's a lot. :O

title: Sometimes, All It Takes Is One Person
pairing: Heechul/Changmin
disclaimer: fake
yeah you read that pairing right. I actually really like this one. :/ I don't even know how I made this work. you can read it here

title: Secret
pairing: Eunhyuk/Zhou Mi also there might be some not-so-ninja kangsung COFF.COFF. .____.
genre: smut. >_>
rating: r
I like this one too. Smut! It's been so long. :O read it here... i love torturing Eunhyuk. and Siwon, for that matter. :D

title: Take My Heart (it was yours from the start.)
pairing: Han Geng/Jaejoong -- HanJoong
genre: ...angstyromance?
rating: pg-13 tobesafe
Not going to lie, this is one of my favorites. ♥ listen to me toot my own fraggin' horn - read here?

title: I make wishes come true.
pairing: Han Geng/Donghae -- HanHae (with other appearances from other pairings randomly at the end?)
genre: general, romance, humor?
rating: pg-13?
I wrote this one this morning. It kind of... exploded on me. ? The prompt was weird! I did it to myself! D: read it here, i guess...

these last two i just posted and they're my favorites so far:
title: You Are My Secret
pairing: Kyuhyun/Henry
word count: 1,136
genre: angsty romance
rating: pg-13
summary: Henry and Kyuhyun share secrets.
read it here?

title: Leap of Faith (tell me you love me?)
pairing: Kyuhyun/Yesung -- KyuSung (plus HanHae and very slight SiWook and almost-invisible HenTeuk...)
word count: 8,162 yes i am SERIOUS. 11 pages on word. D:
genre: angst, romance, drama
rating: r
summary: Kyuhyun spends all his time analyzing and calculating and doesn't feel; he thinks life is better this way.
so, warning: I used a PostSecret prompt on this one and it got sooo out of hand - I was still writing this after New Years here and my sister thought I was writing a novel. D: But I really like it; maybe you'll give it a try? :`)

LONG POST IS LONG. Goodness. I won't be doing this again. D: Um... sorry? D: /hides
04 December 2009 @ 09:00 pm
Title: Incurable Brother Complex
Pairing: Kangin/Yesung,Kangin/Ryeowook,OT3:Kangwooksung
Genre: Drabble, fluff
Rating: G
A/N: I love these three and always thought of writing their stories,though a drabble came out instead ^^.
No one could resist Jongwoon and Youngwoon as twins~ click here

Jongwoon admits that he has an incurable brother complex to YoungwoonCollapse )
25 October 2009 @ 10:45 am

089. "I like your face."
Pairing: Kangin/Ryeowook
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own 'em
Summary: Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most 'facially aesthetically appealing' of them all?

I like your face. )

SuJu 100 Fic Challenge Archive
17 October 2009 @ 07:13 pm
As I said in my last post; telling you a summary of each is revealing most the punchlines. So I only put the prompt word.

These are the last 24 pairings/drabbles. =)
Find the previous two posts HERE and HERE
Or go to my personal lj trickylady, to comment there.

These are un-betad as well, so feel free to tell me about typos and such.

HanWon - PG13 - PantsCollapse )

ChulMin - PG13 - SurpriseCollapse )

HanHae - PG - RelieveCollapse )

Kangwook - PG13 - AngerCollapse )

HyukHae - PG13 - DecayCollapse )

ShinHae - G - LifeCollapse )

YeKang - PG - LoftCollapse )

KangHyuk - Soft R - GlassesCollapse )

MinHae - PG13 - WineCollapse )

ChulHyuk - G - RainCollapse )

KangKyu - G - ReliableCollapse )

TeukWook - PG - PatienceCollapse )

ChulYe - PG - BizarreCollapse )

HanHyuk - G - AwakeCollapse )

EunBum - PG13 - IdeaCollapse )

TeukKang - PG - BookCollapse )

HanShin - PG13 - RumorCollapse )

HanYe - NC17 - CollapseCollapse )

HaeWook - PG13 - SpreadCollapse )

HanMin - PG13 - AllergyCollapse )

KangHae - PG13 - PolluteCollapse )

KangShin - PG13 - ObsessedCollapse )

TeukShin - G - AliveCollapse )

TeukWon - NC17 - BedCollapse )

Comments are ♥

and for the mods, here are the tags;

pairing: hankyung/siwon, pairing: heechul/sungmin, pairing: hankyung/donghae, pairing: kangin/ryeowook, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: shindong/donghae, pairing: yesung/kangin, pairing: kangin/eunhyuk, pairing: sungmin/donghae, pairing: heechul/eunhyuk, pairing: kangin/kyuhyun, pairing: eeteuk/ryeowook, pairing: heechul/yesung, pairing: hankyung/eunhyuk, pairing: eunhyuk/kibum, pairing: eeteuk/kangin, pairing: hankyung/shindong, pairing: hankyung/yesung, pairing: donghae/ryeowook, pairing: hankyung/sungmin, pairing: kangin/donghae, pairing: kangin/shindong, pairing: eeteuk/shindong, pairing: eeteuk/siwon
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17 September 2009 @ 07:42 am
Title: Messages
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kangin/Ryeowook, Leeteuk/Ryeowook, Yewook
Theme: 089. “I like your face.” Kangin/Ryeowook
Summary: Ryeowook's been getting messages from a crazy creepy stalker.

Title: Messages (Leeteuk's POV)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Leeteuk/Ryeowook, a little bit of Kangteuk & Yewook
Theme: 028. Choking Eeteuk/Ryeowook
Summary: same story, different POV

yeah...same story but diff pov...had originally combined the themes but realized couldn't do that so i did this...not very creative i guess...
and to top it all off, i messed up when posting on the comm...FAIL!!!
more of a fail...i forgot to give link for second story XP

100 Suju Fanfic Archive
10 March 2009 @ 02:47 am
[089] “I like your face,” Kangin/Ryeowook (5/100)
Title: Subtlety
Length: 907 words
Author: wobaozhewo
Rating: PG (Fanservice)
Genre: Crack? IDK.
Summary: Fanservice is not Kangin’s forte. Apparently.
Author’s Note: ninja!Kangteuk/SiHan. Heechul/Taemin if ya squint. Mention of NichHo from that Every1 Idol episode.

( Our fanservice doesn't work like that! We're not Heechul! )
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23 February 2009 @ 07:33 pm
Choke Me, Love Me

Title: Choke Me, Love Me
Theme: Chains, 12/100, 100 Suju Fics Challenge
Pairing: Heechul/Kangin
Rating: NC-17, Smut/Angst
Summary: Sharp tongues, hard heads, and short tempers – they shouldn’t be together, but they are.
Status: One-shot. Complete.

It’s intense and they love it - against the wall, just behind the stage, a fraction of an inch away from the public eye, amidst the innocent screaming of a thousand or so fans. )

100 Suju Fics Archive


Fruity Daddies

Title: Fruity Daddies
Theme: Watermelon, 13/100, 100 Suju Fics Challenge
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: G, Comedy/Fluff
Summary: Siwon and Kyuhyun are tasked to raise a watermelon for a new show.
Status: One-shot. Complete.

“I’m not going to be the umma,” they say in unison. )

100 Suju Fics Archive


Kissing Bet

Title: Kissing Bet
Theme: “I like your face”, 89/100, 100 Suju Fics Challenge
Pairing: Kangin/Ryeowook
Rating: PG, Comedy/Fluff
Summary: Kangin and Ryeowook bet that they can get a kiss faster than the other can.
Status: One-shot. Complete.

Leeteuk blushes and pushes against Kangin softly. “What is this about?” )

100 Suju Fics Archive


Likened To Eve

Title: Likened To Eve
Theme: Replacement, 27/100, 100 Suju Fics Challenge
Pairing: Heechul/Kibum
Rating: NC-17, Smut
Summary: Kibum wants a girl badly.
Status: One-shot. Complete.

“I’m not a girl.” )

100 Suju Fics Archive


Hello! I have decided to organize a *drumroll plz*… SMUT-TASTIC SUJU FIC FEST!
Please click on the link to see what I have in store for YOU!

Read more... )

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :)