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fic: A Collection of Nevers [Various/OT15]

Title: A Collection of Nevers
Author: aegistheia
Relationships: Various rare pairings/OT15. Pairings are tagged exhaustively, though there doesn't seem to be an option for gen in the tags.
Rating: G to R
Genre: General, Drama, Angst
Word Count: ~11 500
Warnings: Sexual and/or suggestive situations. Language. Mentions of drug use. Body image issues. Religious discussions.
Summary: Every member has his own quirks. Even in intimacy. Especially in intimacy. A collection of vignettes about Super Junior members.
A.N.: Pairings, ratings, and summaries can be found within individual chapters.

( “How does this work?” )


Kyuhyun's Love Stories SERIES

Title: Andante
Author: imaginarybulb
Pairing(s): Kyuhyun/Jungsu
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Someday, I will slowly, slowly forget them...Andante…
Note: Part of Kyuhyun’s Love Stories SERIES

He wanted to die.

Title: I Did Wrong
Author: imaginarybulb
Pairing(s): Kyuhyun/Heechul
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Someday, I will slowly, slowly forget them...Andante…
Note: I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Your words were so, so, so sweet that, I didn't realize you were playing me, me, me, with your words, words, words every day.
Note: Part of Kyuhyun’s Love Stories SERIES. Previous installment(s) Andante (Kyuhyun/Jungsu)

But it's true what they say. Falling in love makes you weak.

Title: You and I
Author: imaginarybulb
Pairing(s): Kyuhyun/Hangeng
Rating: PG-13
Summary: No matter what happens, even when the sky is falling down…I’ll promise you, that I’ll never let you go
Note: Part of Kyuhyun’s Love Stories SERIES. Previous installment(s):  Andante (Kyuhyun/Jungsu) | I Did Wrong (Kyuhyun/Heechul)

Kyuhyun didn't know when, but between those times, he fell in love with the Chinese male.

Title: I Knew It
Author: imaginarybulb
Pairing(s): Kyuhyun/Jongwoon, mentionof! Ryeowook/Jongwoon
Rating: NC-17
Summary: I knew it. I knew it.
Note: Part of Kyuhyun’s Love Stories SERIES. Previous installment(s):  Andante (Kyuhyun/Jungsu) | I Did Wrong (Kyuhyun/Heechul) | You and I (Kyuhyun/Hangeng)

He wanted to laugh beacuse he couldn't function his heart.

Title: Love of a Friend
Author: imaginarybulb
Pairing(s): Kyuhyun/Youngwoon, mentionof!Youngwoon/Jungsu
Rating: NC-17
Summary: I know I can’t have you, the love of a friend, I can’t forget for a single day, I can’t stop…
Note: Part of Kyuhyun’s Love Stories SERIES. Previous installment(s):  Andante (Kyuhyun/Jungsu) | I Did Wrong (Kyuhyun/Heechul) | You and I (Kyuhyun/Hangeng) | I Knew It (Kyuhyun/Jongwoon)

But in the end, some guy named Kim Youngwoon already took control of it.

a/n: i want to apologize for any mistakes and crappy ending in kyusung
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boyfriend~! `7top


Title: Off the Ledge
Fandom: Super Junior ninja!ZE:A
Pairing: KangKyu
Rating: R
Warnings: Character death, mentions of sex, substance abuse
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 4,010 words
Challenge: 73/100 of the 100 Super Junior Fic Challenge
Summary: Kyuhyun is a bad boy. He's sent off to Kangin to hopefully get better, and has to spend six months with him.

Do you know the game where you see how many times you can stab yourself before you have to go to the hospital? Yeah well, I invented that game.

Reign on Me series update

Chapter 10: The Origins of Darkness

chars: Taeyeon (SNSD), Sungmin, Eeteuk, Kangin, Siwon, Kyuhyun

ships: Sungmin/Tayeon, Sungmin/Kyuhyun, Siwon/Taeyeon, Kangin/Kyuhyun

genre: drama/romance

rate: PG13

words: 10281

sneak: (( "What else am I supposed to think with this information?" Sungmin argued, "What else am I supposed to conclude when I find him leaving your room late at night and hear he goes there every night?" ))

Collapse )

16. Strawberries

Pairing(s): KyuMin, broken!KangKyu
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst/Friendship/Romance
Summary: Sungmin dances through life. Kyuhyun tries to slip through it unnoticed. What happens when they have to interact under forced circumstances?
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members. T_T
A/N: Inspired by the movie version of A Walk To Remember.
Spot: zaboomafoo76 hellobaby_love lovekibummie angelqmin paperheartsmin

"I think the theatre is a wild strawberry patch.” )

100 Days in Japan: Day 2

Title: 100 Days in Japan (Day 2)
Pairing(s): Kangin/Kyuhyun, Leeteuk/Yesung
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Summary: Super Junior lost in Japan without their manager and armored with limited knowledge of Japanese language. What will happen to them?

Previous: Day 1

Leeteuk was terrified. It had been three freaking hours since he lost his way in Shibuya without a map, and to top it off, he was stuck with Yesung.

sungmin - pink ♥.

KangMin and KyuMin

Title: Glasses
WC* = friendship Kang-in/Kyuhyun (KangHyun? XD), friendship RyeoMin, KangMin, one sided KyuMin, very small one sided KyuWook, and also very small YeWook, and small QMi
Theme: 97/1oo
Completed o3/1oo
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Genre: Crack, romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kyuhyun asks Kang-in for a favor: Spy on Lee Sungmin.
A/N: Kyuhyun abuses Kang-in's niceness too much :'D
And yeah, so many pairings O_O

"I think he likes me."


Title: Letters To You 
broken! KyuMin and many other minor pairings ; is it considered ot15 since all of them are here? ._.
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Genre: Angst, romance, and humor? O_O  Well, there is fail humor at one point >_>
Summary: Kyuhyun has never wondered why he can't stop writing letters to someone who will never write back.
A/N: Told from Kyuhyun's point of view.

Dear Min,

I had a very good day today. Out of all of my days at this school, this was probably the best. We all ate lunch together, and it felt nice being surrounded by my thirteen friends. It would have been nicer if you could have been there with us. I know you would love everyone - from Jungsu, to Henry.

Sandeul :P

[SJDaycare || Lightbulb (KangKyu/2Woon/Kyumin)]

Title: Super Junior Day Care
Episode: 3/?
Kids present [this episode]: Sungmin, Shindong, Donghae focus; cameo by others
Kids present [daycare]: LT, KI, YS, HC, DH, SM, EH, SD
Rating: G
Summary: Episode 3 of SUJU day care. What happens when Yuri tries waking up the sleepers...
A/N: Ep 3~ SM+SD centric (but baby!Hae bias got in the way, and I'm not even a Hae fanboy). Hehehe. Comments are really really really appreciated. Love and thanks <3.


Title: Lightbulb
Pairing: broken! Kyuhyun x Kangin, implied Kangsung, implied Kyumin
Genre: Angst, romance
Rating: PG
Summary: Kyuhyun reflects on his unrequited love for Kangin. 2woon+Kyumin= tangled web of mess, Kyuhyun gets the bad end of it.
A/N: Felt angsty and churned out this [bad] fic. Randomly asked 3 friends for a SUJU member and made a love triangle, which turned into a square (because of my Min bias). Italics based on a Cantonese song by StephyTang, so it's sort of a Songfic? Oneshot~ish, not really edited. Comments are <3.