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Fa Ru Xue 4/? , The Hitcher 1/?

Fa Ru Xue 4/?
Title: Fa Ru Xue

Chapter: 4/?

Rating: Soft R...possibly rise to NC-17

Pairing: Hankyung x Henry , Danson.

Genre: angsty, fluffy later on...I think

A/N: This is actually my first attempt at writing something in third person point of view, and I really wanted to post it. I have alot to learn in styles, but I hope that it's understandable. I like the idea of Henry and Hankyung together, its so cute ^^. This is my first attempt so please be gentle.

Also. Im really sorry for having this on hiatus for so long, I just really didn't know what to do I had kinda got burnt out. But this is what I came up with while it was on hiatus.

Disclaimer: If I did own them I would be one rich S.O.B. by now, but Im not so sadly I dont own them...but I have action figures.

Book 4

Title: The Hitching

Genre: Suspense, Romance, A bit of Horror

Pairing: Kang-in x Henry

Chapter: 1 out of ?

Summary: Stranded. Out in the outbacks of Korea, what do you do? Cellphones? No reception. Service Stations? None. What do you do?

A/N: I wrote this during my hiatus from Chapter fics. I hope that you like it. Please don't be angry with me.

Disclaimer: No I dont think that I own them...but I could be wrong.

Chapter One

Hey. This is a double post and I hope that you like both stories, and hope that it's not against the rules.
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hapter: 1

airingwhen you read you will find out right?? Isn't that the whole point

ating: Really don't know take it as it comes, hmm? that sound good?

enreRomance/Drama/Thriller/Horror (not really in that order)

ummary: What do you do? When your stranded in the country, no cell phones, your mode of transportation is broken down, and you only have two options. A. You take the help of a not so friendly looking stranger or B. You stay stranded and eventually...you know. So its either a trust or death situation...and neither at the moment seem reliable.

Hey! guys! whats been up! This was acutally written about...20 min ago...think of it as a pilot. If you like tell me! if you think it needs improvement...be gentle. If you dont like it then...........whatever you just dont! Back from my hiatus. So I hope that you like. Its really something that I kind of feel proud of. As you already know I don't own them! They belong to Jack Sparrow, geeze.

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