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been a long time coming

Title: Chance to Dance for You
Fandom: DBSJ
Pairings: Eunhyuk!centric, SiHyuk, YooSu, side!HaeSu, side!KangHyuk
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Homophobia, girl!Junsu
Part: Prologue/Thirteen - And maybe a sequel
A/N: Based on the book 'Chance to Dance for You' by Gail Sidonie Sobat - a great book, I recommend it.
Summary: Hyukjae lives in a town where everything's the same. The houses, the cars, the families, the thoughts are the same. But Hyukjae is different. Out of the closest and in his last year of high school, he gets bullied and pushed around because of his sexuality. But he's a dancer, and he's sure he'll be a trainee before the end of the school year. Then he falls in love with Siwon, the town's pretty boy...
(Summary edited from the back of the book. Like a lazy boss.)

Before I can think, let alone act, he flips me around and grabs onto my arm, crashing our lips together. It’s a deep kiss—and I kiss back. Because I do.

Title: Useless Rims
Fandom: Super Generation
Pairing: 2Kyu, SunSun
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied Smut
Genre: Angst
A/N: Did I ever tell you that this my favourite SuGen pairing? When I heard that they were co-stars for 'Catch Me if you Can', I freaked, I really did.
Summary: Kyuhyun will always just be the best friend.

She sighs, resting her head in the crook of his arm, a cute sigh cutting the silence, leaving a cute pout on her lips. They’re so similar, Kyuhyun thinks, remembering the pouts Sungmin mastered when him, Soonkyu and Kyuhyun had been hanging out. The boyfriend, the girlfriend, and the best friend.
built this house on broken dreams ` bel


title: Stars
pairing: Kangye
rating: PG-13
warnings: depressed Yesung/character death
summary: Jongwoon has been left by his husband, the doctor Youngwoon, when he goes to war. But to soothe the pain they have their star.
notes: 3/100 of the challenge written. for #91 - Stars

title: Stuffed Raccoons
pairing: Kanghyuk
rating: PG
genre: fluff
summary: Eunhyuk needs a new stuffed animal and asks Kangin to help.
notes: 3/100 of the challenge written. for #46 - Stuffed Animals
Stuffed Animals

title: Sit Down for a Minute
pairing: Yekyu/Kyusung Ninja!Minwook
rating: PG-13
genre: humor, fluff
summary: Kyuhyun sits down on a park bench when they're running late.
notes: 3/100 of the challenge written. for #21 - Park Benches
"What are you doing?"

His Beloved [Chapter II]

Title: His Beloved [Chapter II]
Author: pinknot_rabbit
Pairing (s): Haehyuk, Kanghyuk, Kangmin, Kyumin etc…
Genre : Romance, Comedy, Angst
Rating: pg-13
Summary: What did you do when someone snatched away your longtime crush right in front of your eyes? Take away his beloved person of course. It doesn’t matter even if that was an alien addicted and crybaby named Lee Donghae.

Chapter 1

Sungmin smile faded and he cut Eunhyuk words,” Now you listen here. I am his boyfriend and the one closest to his heart right now. You were only a neighbor kid and had no right to says anything in this. If I ever caught you interfered in ours relationship I can make that beloved hyung of yours didn’t say any single word to you, you got that fucker?”
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SuJu 100 Fanfic Challange

Title: I like your face [#89]
Genre: humor?
Chapters: Drabble
Pairing: Kangin/Ryeowook
Rating: G
Summary: It's bounding time! The one thing Kangin hates as much as Ryeowook loves.

Bounding time?

Title: Stuffed Animals [#46]
Genre: life
Chapters: Drabble
Pairing: Kangin/Eunhyuk
Rating: G
Summary: Why would Eunhyuk ever think that it's a good idea, especially when Kangin is the only help he can get?

Good Idea?
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This is basically a side story of 5 Different Guys in Sungmin's Lifeif you guys still remember that fic ^_^;;;  but you can read this as a one-shot as well ^_^

If you guys want to read 5 Different Guys with Sungmin, click here!!!

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Theme:  # 43 Washing Machines
Pairing: Siwon/ Donghae
Rating:  PG-13
Warning:  Some 3rd-degree cousin incest.

Title:  What's Stopping You?

It's Valentine's Day and Donghae is alone doing laundry while everybody else is dating or spending their day with a special someone.

Click here to read the fic~!!!
What's Stopping You?!?! Come on, read!

Click here to my 100 fic challenge~!!! --> IT'S DONE~!!!!
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For the suju 100 fic challange, theme 100

Title: History Repeats Itself [kind of]
Pairings: KangHyuk, one sided KangWon, SiHyuk, HyukMin [WC*]
Genre: Smut, Slight horror and some Fluff
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, Swearing, BDSM kinda thing?, Rape, Violence
Summary: It has been a year since the first time KangIn raped EunHyuk, things are going good until SiWon wants to have what he will never have.
Note: Sequel to The Stuffed Animals Know

My SuJu 100 fic cahllange list
Taec touch body
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046.Stuffed Animals,Kangin/Eunhyuk for the suju 100 fic challange

Title: The stuffed animals know.
Pairing: KangHyuk [KangIn/EunHyuk]
Author: ehxsm 
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
Genere: Smut
Warnings: incest, rape, abuse, some swearing, 10 years age difference
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Having had a sexual attraction to his younger brother for quite some time now, KangIn decides to take the matter into his own hands when his parents goes to a party for the night.

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Unfinished fic dump! [most ratings]

didn't we say we weren't going to let this happen?
Summary: Jungsoo thinks it's been too long since they had a heart to heart.
band!fic, pg13
They've all lost their focus, every last one, and he knows it, feels it in his heart. )

Summary: Heechul is lost when one of his band members leave.
heechul/hankyung, pg13
He loves his band members, so much that he would die for them. )

Summary: Hyukjae is addicted to these late-night meetings.
kangin/eunhyuk, R
What should have been just a one-time thing had somehow become an addiction. )

Summary: during practice for Kangin's Run To You performance during super show 2.
kangin/leeteuk, pg13
'well, i'm the focus anyway, so that doesn't matter.' )

Summary: Yuri meets an unexpected match.
kangin/yuri, R
She shivered slightly at the way her name rolled off his tongue. It was so smooth like silk - sensual and inviting. )

i'll stand by you
Summary: Hyukjae gets a visit from the past.
kangin/eunhyuk, pg13
He'd never been good with surprises. )

Summary: They were inseparable.
kangin/leeteuk, kangin/taeyeon, pg
Jungsoo loved his two friends; one, however, a bit more than the other. )

Summary: Cho Kyuhyun finally decides to do something about his crush.
kyuhyun/seohyun, pg
Good job, Cho Kyuhyun. )

I realize this is a long entry, I apologize for that. Lmao. Also, keep in mind these are all unfinished.