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Title: Holding You (is the only thing i can do to keep you from breaking)
Pairing: Heery, Changry, Homin, Hanchul
Summary: You’re broken and I see that so all I can do is hold you to keep you from shattering into a million pieces. Wait for me, I’ll fix you.
Rating: PG
Warning: Angst, slightly insane Heechul
Notes: This is a follow up to Loving You (is the hardest thing i've ever done) which is from Yunho's point of view. This is in Heechul's point of view :) Hope it's okay!

you're mine, all mine, forever and ever and baby, i will never let anyone stand in our way.
Title: Loving You (is the hardest thing i've ever done)
Pairing: Homin, Changry (Changmin/Henry), Hosu
Summary: Loving him is like sweet, sweet torture but beautiful all the same even if it means seeing him smile for someone who isn’t you.
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Dark themes, crazy Yunho, slight changes here and there to match the story.
Notes: This did not turn out the way I planned at all 0-0 it's my first time writing in first point of view so concrit would be nice :)

everything i did, done, i did it for you my precious.
13 February 2009 @ 08:59 pm
don't take english lessons from yoochun;
changmin/henry; PG-13; ~ 465w
for sin_delight - changmin/henry in serendipity

a/n: clearly i was on crack when i wrote this. :| please forgive the fail and look forward to the yoomin that you requested, instead.

( it always amazed me how someone with a face like mochi could move his hips like junsu-hyung. )