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fic: the upside of honesty (hint: there is none)

Title: The Upside of Honesty (Hint: There is None)
Rating: PG
Pairing: None! Changmin/Heechul??
Notes: I can't believe I wrote this idk. Characterization probably so off it's on Mars.
Summary: They decide on two rules in light of Changmin’s new situation. One, Changmin was no longer allowed the microphone anymore during fanmeetings and two, he was no longer allowed to talk to any authority figure or basically anyone who could potentially end their career, cut their paycheck, increase their hours, arrest them, etc. without another DBSK member around to do possible damage control.

(Changmin is really the devil (Heechul) in disguise.)
Yunjae Rain Kiss

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Title: Mirage

Character Profiles:

Pairings: YunJae. ChangChul. SiChul.

Summary: Kim Jaejun turn Jung Jaejun, married to famous boyband leader Jung Yunho. As much as the paparazzi and magazines want a sneak peak at this perfect romance, do they really want to know about the scars that marr this perfect marriage? Then on the other hand, there is Kim Heechul, younger sister of Kim Jaejun, her life revovles around parties and boys. Perfect lifestyle, isnt it? Wait til you put a boy named Choi Siwon into her life equation and she finds her world turned upside down. Domestic bliss turned into domestic wreckage. Are you ready for this ride? 

Rating: R.

Warnings (if applicable): AU! Girl! Jaejoong and Girl! Heechul

Disclaimer: Not mine. :(

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